Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal? If you have, perhaps we’re too late to get this post in front of you. If you haven’t, then this post is a must-read so you know what to do if you ever have an encounter with one of these deadly animals.

How To Survive Any Animal Attack

Golden Rule For Avoiding Wild Animal Encounters

Insane Animals Attack Stories


Wilderness Survival Guide | Survive Any Wild Animal Encounter

Anyone that ever steps foot outside of their home knows that wild animals are out there and they can and sometimes do attack people.

Now if you’re a hunter like most of us preppers are, we know a little more about wild animals… When you’re going to be shooting a razor sharp object at a 1200lb brown bear at 40 yards away, you better know everything about every possible scenario to prepare for the worst.

Let’s start with one of my favorite beasts, the bear.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-bear-attack” unsan=”How To Survive A Bear Attack”]How To Survive A Bear Attack[/sta_anchor]

how to survive a bear attack

We hope you would never have to use this guide. But here it is.

Go here to see the ultimate bear survival guide.

Survive A Black Bear Encounter

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-dog-attack” unsan=”How To Survive A Dog Attack”]How To Survive A Dog Attack[/sta_anchor]

Dog attacks are fairly common. I grew up in a neighborhood where just about everyone had a dog for their family pet. And there was the occasional urban dog encounter you could say.

Dogs can run escape the home and wreak havoc on any animals that are outside. Wild dog attacks are rarer of course, but still, happen.

How about a dog pack attack?

Less common, but it’s happened.

Go here for a full guide on how to handle a dog encounter, whether it’s urban, wild, or a pack.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-wolf-encounter” unsan=”How To Survive A Wolf Encounter”]How To Survive A Wolf Encounter[/sta_anchor]

What to do if you see a wolf?

Excellent question.

This guide is a good resource for how to survive a wolf attack.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-an-ostrich-encounter” unsan=”How To Survive An Ostrich Encounter”]How To Survive An Ostrich Encounter[/sta_anchor]

If an ostrich attacks you. do this.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-the-worlds-deadliest-bird” unsan=”How To Survive The Worlds Deadliest Bird”]How To Survive The Worlds Deadliest Bird[/sta_anchor]

worlds deadliest bird cassowary survival

Meet the deadliest bird on earth, the Cassowary.

Here’s what you need to know. They have a dagger on their feet. If they swing that at your neck…

Go to the rest of the article here on how to survive a Cassowary attack.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-an-mountain-lion-or-cougar-attack” unsan=”How To Survive An Mountain Lion or Cougar Attack”]How To Survive An Mountain Lion/Cougar Attack[/sta_anchor]


[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-cheetah-attack” unsan=”How To Survive A Cheetah Attack”]How To Survive A Cheetah Attack[/sta_anchor]

This clip shows you how to outrun a cheetah.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-an-alligator-attack” unsan=”How To Survive An Alligator Attack”]How To Survive An Alligator Attack[/sta_anchor]

This video shows you how to survive an alligator attack.

How To Survive A Crocodile Attack

How To Survive A Shark Attack

Do these things to survive a shark attack.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-venomous snake-attack” unsan=”How To Survive A Venomous Snake Attack”]How To Survive A Venomous Snake Attack[/sta_anchor]

These animals produce more fear of being bitten than most other animals. There are a few kinds of snakes that you just don’t ever want to even be near, forget being bitten by them. Like the black mamba for example.

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

Mayo clinic has a good guide on what to do if you’re bitten by a snake.

Watch this video on how to treat a snake bite.

How To Survive A Non-Venomous Snake Attack

When you think of someone getting bit by a snake, you think of a poisonous snake. You think about how they better get to the hospital right away for anti-venom.

But what about non-poisonous snakes that bite you?

There are some snakes that can still do serious damage to you without a drop of poison, like the anaconda.

This video by Tech Insider shows you how to survive a snake bite.

How To Survive A Monkey Attack

Watch this Gorilla survival guide by National Geographic.

How To Survive A Wild Boar Attack

Wild boars don’t pose that much of a threat to us because they don’t automatically become aggressive towards us if they see us.

However, don’t underestimate them because of their seemingly funny look their faces have. A wild hog can absolutely kill a full-grown American male.

But if they don’t feel threatened, we’re in no harms way.

Survive A Moose Attack

Here’s how you handle a deer or moose attack.

Survive A Kangaroo Encounter

You could always try to box the kangaroo like this guy did…

Survive A Bison Attack

What to do if you encounter a buffalo.

The bison is the largest animal roaming North America. In other words, the bison is a big badass brute that I wouldn’t want to stumble upon during a hunting trip.

They weigh anywhere from 1,000 lbs to all the way up to 2,000 lbs.

Survive A Vulture Attack


Survive A Hyena Attack

This post tells you what to do if you encounter a hyena, or worse, a pack of hyenas.

How To Survive An Owl Attack

For information on what makes the owl so deadly, watch this.

Survive A Fox Attack

What to do if a fox approaches you?

This guide gives you all the details.

Survive A Horse Attack

People wonder, will a horse attack a human?

Horses are herd animals and herd animals can definitely become aggressive towards you. Are wild horses dangerous to you as well? Yes, if they feel threatened.

You can go here for more information on wild horse behavior.

Survive A Lion Encounter

The lion, king of the jungle.

This video shows you how to fight a lion. Not saying it’s recommended though…

Survive A Tiger Attack

Watch this video showing you why you should NOT turn your back and run from a tiger.

[sta_anchor id=”how-to-survive-a-raccoon-attack” unsan=”How To Survive A Raccoon Attack”]How To Survive A Raccoon Attack[/sta_anchor]

Although they’re small and friendly looking animals, raccoons can be quite vicious.

This video explains what to do if you encounter a raccoon.

[sta_anchor id=”golden-rule-for-avoiding-wild-animal-encounters” unsan=”Golden Rule For Avoiding Wild Animal Encounters”]Golden Rule For Avoiding Wild Animal Encounters[/sta_anchor]

Don’t threaten them and most wild animals, most of the time will leave you alone to fight another day.

Don't threaten them and most wild animals, most of the time will leave you alone to fight another day. Click to Tweet

Insane Animal Attack Stories

As I’m sure you can imagine, there are some incredibly insane stories of surviving animal attacks.

Watch these 10 mindblowing stories of survival.


Knowing how to deal with a wildlife encounter doesn’t seem all that important until it happens to you.

But keep this general rule in mind when it comes to dealing with wild animal encounters. Don’t threaten them, or at least try not to intentionally threaten them. And it’s likely you’ll be fine and will live to fight another day.

Lastly, this video shows you six ways to survive a wild animal attack.

Have you ever been attacked by a wild animal?

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How To Survive Any Wild Animal Attack
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