Let’s start off by saying, I love gear.

We do our best to keep you updated on the latest gear, gadgets, tools, and supplies that we believe will benefit your survival kits and bug-out bags.

Getting a new tool is exciting and can make a huge difference in surviving a dangerous scenario and just “making it” out alive with both arms and legs.

We try and review as much gear as we can so we can share the results with you so you don’t either waste money on cheap supplies that break the first time using it and the quality items that are worth spending your hard-earned cash on.

This guide is going to be extensive and give you the proper resources and information on the most common survival items that we can cover.

Buyers Guide Review: The Best Survival Gear For Preppers

Here are the buyers guide for over 40 survival gadgets and tools.

Educating yourself on what makes a quality fire starter or emergency blanket is something that’s necessary to take the time to do so you can buy what will work in a survival situation.

Survival Vehicle or Bug-Out Vehicle

There’s a lot of debate about what the best survival vehicle is. And there should be. But we need to give some context to the topic.

There ain’t no one size fits all for anything. The best survival vehicle is the vehicle that is built for the specific situation you’re in.

This guide from GearMoose goes through 10 options for the best survival vehicles.


best survival yacht

Wanting to bug-out in style with the best survival yacht designed to survive anything? Unless it meets the design of one of these boats, it may fail.

Bug-Out Jeep

Who needs to bug-out when you have the best survival Jeep that would dominate even a zombie apocalypse?

If you’re going to be spending the money on a survival and tactical Jeep, it’s worth taking the time to do your homework before window shopping.

Watch this video to discover the best survival Jeep money can buy.

Survival Canoe

best survival canoe

What if you had to bug-out to the sea? Having the best survival canoe will be ideal. Is a bug-out canoe even viable? This article by OFFGRID agrees.

And should you get a survival canoe or kayak? Watch this video below to see.





Survival Tools

This video shows you the best survival tools that will save your life.

Survival Tool Belt

best survival tool belt

Watch the video below to see the best survival toolbelts.

Survival Shovel

This video reviews the best survival shovel on the market. It packs a whopping 20 different tools.

Entrenching Tool


best survival multi tool

Searching for the best survival multi-tool was no easy task. 

Knife Sharpener

best knife sharpeners

If you’re walking about with the best pocket knife or the best fixed-blade survival knife, having the best knife sharpener to sharpen it is non-negotiable.

Glass Breaker

best glass breakers

We have a full guide on the best survival glass breakers that could save your life in an emergency situation.

Leatherman Multi-Tools

best survival leatherman

This video covers the best survival leatherman multi-tools out there.

Survival Zip Ties

best survival zip ties

Besides tying up intruders, they have loads of survival uses. This video shows you the best survival zip ties.


best survival rope

The best survival rope would be paracord.

Paracord is super strong rope that many survival products are made with. It’s 550-lm strong which is why it’s called parachute cord.

You can make a paracord survival bracelet yourself. Or you can get one of the best survival bracelets already made.

Survival Weapons

We’re going to cover all different types of the best survival weapons. From guns, rifles, and more.

Knives and Blades

Survival Knives

best survival knives

Knives… The wonderful world of tactical and survival knives is a place I find myself visiting quite often. Your knife is like your haircut. It can make or break you. And if it breaks you, it’s probably not fit for a survival knife. Survival and tactical knives also have some of the best survival glass breakers.

Watch this video for the top 10 survival knives below.

Tactical Machete

best survival machete

Looking for the best survival machete? So were we. Visit this page to see the full guide and reviews for the best survival machete.

Survival Tomahawk

best bushcraft tomahawk

If you’re looking for the best tactical tomahawk, look no further. See the video below.

best survival tomahawk


best survival axe

See this video showing the top 5 best survival axes.


Here is a guide on how to choose the best survival hatchet.


The best survival bow is the one you can make yourself. See the full step-by-step guide on how to make a DIY bow and arrow.


best survival slingshot

Survival & SHTF Guns

When SHTF, having one of the best survival guns at your disposable is going to make your job a lot easier in an emergency situation like that. These are the best guns for when SHTF.

Caliber For Survival

One of the first questions there are when discussing concealed carry handguns for self-defense and survival is, ‘what is the best caliber?”

We’ll talk more about the best caliber for different firearms as we go through the guide below.


best survival revolver

A revolver as a survival SHTF gun?

I’ve seen comments like that about the revolver and I can see why. I can only see why a revolver makes a great SHTF and concealed carry handguns you can have.

One reason. Safety.

A revolver isn’t going to accidentally go off.


Watch this video for the best survival blowgun.

Rifles For Survival

Here are the best survival rifles.

Survival Rifle for Deer Hunting

Survival Gun for the Apocalypse

SHTF and the zombies are coming. This isn’t Doomsday Preppers, this is real.

What gun are you going to grab for it?

See the guide on the ultimate gun for the apocalypse here.

Best Survival Gun for the Wilderness


Rifle 2018

Rifle 22

Air Rifle

Survival Handgun

best survival handgun

The best survival handgun would ideally be a CCW that you’re trained with.

The Glock is a handgun that makes a perfect concealed carry handgun for self-defense.

If you’re looking for the best handgun caliber for self-defense and concealment.  The 9mm is the most popular caliber choice amongst survival minded individuals. Which is also what the Glock 17 and the Glock 19 are.


best survival shotgun

The best survival shotgun would be the ridiculously scary shotgun that’s by your bedroom door ready to blow any intruder to oblivion.


In this category, we’ll cover the best survival clothing that will give you the best chances of not just surviving, but thriving in a survival situation. More so that you’ll have the right clothing depending on the environment you’re in.

The Best Outfit For Preppers

A common question that is asked about survival clothing is, what is the best survival outfit?

The best survival outfit is the outfit with all the most effective pieces of clothing that are specifically made to combat the environment you’re in.

Survival Jacket

For the best survival jacket, the quality and attributes we’re looking for is all about warmth.

Is it going to keep me from getting frostbite or not. That’s the question.

Watch this for the cold hard truth.

Survival Tactical Vest

best survival vest

This video shows you the best survival vest.

Survival Jeans

The best survival Jeans are the ones that you can use to turn into a floatation device.

Watch how to do it here.

Survival Boots

best survival boots

CountryBoyPrepper did a good job putting together this video.

Survival Belt

The best survival belt is one that packs some serious tactical power with what you can have.

This tactical belt has gotten a lot of attention recently.

Survival Belt Buckle

best survival belt buckle

For a belt buckle that can conceal multiple survival tools within it, in impressive to say the least.

But is it practical?

They put it to the test.


The wallet is one of the most overlooked items that we carry on a daily basis. It’s similar to losing your keys only to find them right in your pocket.

It’s easy to forget about something you’re used to.

This video is about what might be the best EDC survival wallet in the world.


best survival underwear

Yes, even Underwear can have one or two survival uses.

This video shows you good choices for not only the best survival Underwear but the best survival socks as well.







Survival Medicine

Packing first aid and medical supplies in your bug-out bag and survival kit is a core part of the items list.

The best survival medicine is the medicine that gets you through until you can get more help. Whether it’s cleaning a gash from defending a wild animal attack or eating the wrong kind of berry while foraging.

This video explains in detail what the best medicines are for survival.

Food and Cooking

In this category, we cover the best survival food items and gear options for survival and emergency food. All of these items will help you to store and stockpile foods. Items for preserving food so in an emergency, you’ll have food that’s not rotten away from sitting in storage.

Survival Canned Foods

Can goods are a staple for the preppers pantry. Most canned foods are well preserved and don’t easily spoil. We cover the best survival canned foods in this section.

Many canned foods make the best survival foods for storage, especially longer term.

Survival Food Companies

There’s a lot of food companies out there peddling “emergency food kits”. Some of them are just plain bad and should be avoided at all costs.

Here is a guide on the best survival food companies.

Survival Dry Food

Some of best survival dry food is canned dry meat. It packs a lot of calories and nutrients that are essential for our survival.

Survival Food for Bug-Out Bag

the best survival food for your bug-out bag would be dry foods. They don’t spoil when exposed to the heat which your bug-out bag is likely to be exposed to.

Survival Rations

The best survival rations are the ones that don’t spoil. Click here to see the guide on the best survival rations.

You can even make your own DIY rations. 

Survival Cooking Kit

For Long-Term Storage

We want to get the best Survival food for long term storage because the longer it’s stored. The more time has to spoil and go bad.

Some foods are excellent for long-term. Grains and pasta work well.

Food To Stock Up On


Can Opener

Emergency Food Supply







Energy Bars

I’ve mentioned before that my go-to foods for urban survival are quest bars. They’re nearly sugar-free and one of the healthiest bars out there.

I’d say they are the best survival energy bars you can get.

Energy Drinks

energy drink survival guide

The best energy drinks for survival I would say hands down is Monster Energy. Get the zero sugar ones. Sugar is the health killer that we want to avoid.

These I have a lot of experience with. Daily experience in fact.

I used to drink 4 of these every day. I was writing a lot. All day every day I had to write, so I was in need of as much focus and energy I could possibly get within reason.


Can utensils really be tactical tools used for survival purposes?

These utensils would say so. Watch the top 10 of the best survival utensils money can buy.

Emergency Water

As we have heard since we could remember things, our bodies are made up of mostly water. Which at the time, completely blew our minds. At least it did mine. Still sometimes does when I think about how quickly not having water does so quickly to wreak havoc on the body and ultimately death in a relatively short amount of time.

The Water Science School says that our bodies are up to 60% water. And the survival rule of threes tells us we can only survive about three days without water. Which makes it our top priority in any survival situation.

In this gear category, we’ll cover the best Survival water gear, items, and tools for harvesting, collecting, and purifying water. Which include:

  • Containers
  • Purifiers


best survival canteen

Your canteen is the backbone of your water survival gear. A good one will do its job in spades and much more.

Go to the complete guide on the best survival canteens here.

Drinking Straw

Having the best water filtration straw will be one of your favorite items when you need an easy way to drink water from a non-drinkable water source. They’re easy to use.

In this video, they put the Lifestraw to the test.

Water Bottle

What you store and carry your water in is important. Just like having the water, we want the drinkable water to remain drinkable and to still be there as we carry it with it. Having a good solid water bottle is worth the extra ten or twenty dollars.

Go here for the full guide on the best survival water bottles.

Navigation Gear

Having assistance in navigating through the wilderness is like a dog in some ways. Man’s best friend… When it’s there.

Here are the best navigation items for survival.


best survival compass

A compass may seem like a no-brainer tool and that all compasses are created equal. But like most things, there’s much more to them than meets the eye.

The best survival compass is leagues ahead of the others. Watch the full compass guide here.

Survival Apps

Location In The United States

Survival Kits

In this section, we cover the best survival kits that will help you the most in a disaster scenario.

First-Aid Kit

The best survival first-aid kits are 

Spy and Stealth Gear

Okay, I couldn’t resist not putting some spy gadgets in here. Spy gear and stealth weapons are a couple of categories that makes it really easy to spend hours drooling over different items.

Survival Night Vision

Best Survival night vision goggles

best survival night vision goggles

Best Survival Pistol

best survival pistol

Best Survival Communication Gear

These are the items that will make you the happiest person in the world when you’re in a disaster scenario stranded somewhere with no help. But you have a way of communicating back to society for help. Let’s look at the best communication items for survival.


best survival radio

The best survival radio is one that works. If you need to call for help and have two radios in front of you.

You try the first one with 200 different features and switches. You turn it on and start calling for help.


It doesn’t work. You grab the second radio, not as fancy as the first. Turn it on and call for help. It works.

Did the expensive radio help you? No. Getting a radio that just works when you need it is the criteria for a good radio.

Survival Walkie Talkie

best survival walkie talkie

Having a walkie talkie is the most important item in the communications gear department. This item can make or break you, like a haircut.

Since it’s the most important, you don’t want to go to the Walmart survival gear section and pick the $20 walkie-talkie off the rack and call it a day. We need one of the best walkie talkies so that it will work when we need it.

Go to the full buyers guide here.

Survival Two-Way Radio

Best Survival two-way radio

Having a two-way radio is one of the most important communication items for survival. It may be the only thing you have to communicate with family and friends in a disaster situation. So you want the best two-way radio you can find.

This video has the best radio reviews and explains a lot about these.

Survival Whistle

See the video below on the best survival whistles.



Best Survival Illumination Gear

When the grid goes down, so do the lights. Get the best lighting gear for surviving the dark.

Survival Lighter

best survival lighter

The best survival zipper lighter,

Here’s a video on some tips and tricks for lighters you can do.


best survival candle

When it comes to the best survival candles, longevity is the key. You want emergency candles for when you don’t have power, you’ll have these for light.

You can make emergency candles out of petroleum jelly. If you’re going to be looking for quality emergency candles, then you need the best wax for survival candles. And petroleum jelly makes up for that part.

Survival Flashlight

best survival flashlight

Waterproof Match

best survival matches

See the guide on the best waterproof matches for survival here.

Survival Lantern

Survival Firestarter

best survival firestarter

The best survival firestarter is any of them that are both simple and works when you need it. 

Survival Survival Flare

Go to the buyers guide here.

Best Survival Books

  1. Total Outdoorsman
  2. Prepare For Anything

We made the ultimate survival library for preppers that you can visit here.

Survival Bracelet Buyers Guide

best survival bracelet

These tools are one of the best multi-tools for survivalists. Especially if you’re an avid outdoorsman and love to camp or backpack.

Go to the buyers guide here.

If you want to make your own paracord bracelets, visit this page.

Survival Bags and Packs

In this section, we’ll cover all the different types of bags. From duffel bags to bug-out bags.

Looking for the best survival bag for your next backpacking trip or camping adventure? In this section, we cover the top bags and packs for survival.


best survival backpack

Searching for the best survival backpack is one of the harder items to shop for. There are an incredible amount of different kinds, options, features, and enough widgets to leave you about to fidget.

Click here for the ultimate guide to the best survival backpacks.

Here’s a video that breaks it down and makes it simple. 5 of the best options for tactical backpacks.

Survival Sleeping Bag

Go to the buyers guide here.

Survival Duffel Bag

Earthquake Survival Bag

Bug-Out Bag

Go Bag


Survival Watch

Sure, we all want a tactical Watch like James Bond.

Best Survival Security and Self-Defense Gear

If you’re looking for the best Urban Survival gear items as well, this gear category will be what you’re looking for. This section also has the best EDC gear for survival.

Survival Dog

best survival dog

Getting a dog is the entire home defensive plan of a lot of people in this country. And it works for some. For those who get the right kind of dog.

Not all “survival dogs” are created equal…

Some hounds will make you feel warm, welcome, and waiting to come back. And others can be snarling beasts racing through a field to introduce you to a jaw that is about to have its way with your bones.

Which one would you want protecting you?

There’s some debate on what kind of breed makes the ultimate survival dog. But I think I found what breed it comes down to, which I didn’t expect…

Click here to for the full post on the one-dog survival plan.

Duct Tape

Box Subscription

Survival Box




When you think of the best survival canes, one might think “a survival what? A cane?” Don’t think a cane could be a survival tool?

A cane can actually be one of the best survival tools for self-defense there is. Not to mention one of the most optimal concealed carry weapons there is. No one expects it at all. Go here for the best self-defense guide with canes.

Survival Helmet

Protect your head with the best survival helmet.

Tactical Pen

best survival tactical pen

Tactical pens make one of the best weapons for self-defense out there. Watch this video on the best survival pens.

Neck Knife

A neck knife can be a lifesaver of a tool in a survival situation.

This video shows you the top choices.

Shelter and Protection

Here is where you’ll find the best survival protection gear and shelter equipment. If you’re looking for camping safety as well, you’ll find it in this section as well.

Solar and Survival Blanket

best survival blanket

The best survival blanket is likely to go to the Mylars Emergency Blanket. It’s been around a while.

There might be one that’s bulletproof?

This video talks about it.

Here’s some comparisons and different uses for survival blankets.

Survival Tarp

best survival tarp

Survival Tent For Family

Best Survival tent for family

Your tent is the head honcho for survival camping gear. If you get everything else wrong, but you have one of the best survival tents for the family out there, you’re good.

See the 10 best tents below.

Survival Gear Under $50

Watch this video to see the best survival gear under $50.



We’ll continue to add to this list of buyers guides as time goes on and we update it with more gear and gadgets.

Do you want a buyers guide on a specific item that we don’t have listed in this guide? Let us know below and we’ll let you know when we add it.

best survival gear review guide


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