Have you ever thought you would see the day where you could make your own survival slingshot gun at home? Neither did I. Until I did.

The other day I saw this video on what seemed to cool for school. A DIY gun and a slingshot, combined. DIY survival style and all.

Survival DIY: Homemade Slingshot Gun

Slingshots are addicting in general once you get your hands on one and start launching pebbles at squirrels for hunting or just targets for fun and practice.

But the looks of this slingshot, it’s even more fun.

Here’s the video on the homemade slingshot gun.

Have you ever made  DIY slingshot before?

Want to see more DIY Survival weapons you can make at home? Go to the Ultimate Guide To DIY Survival Weapons here.

homemade slingshot gun

How To Make A DIY Survival Slingshot Gun At Home
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