DIY skills are important for preppers to develop. They allow us to become more self-sufficient in everyday life. Instead of looking at an item and seeing one way we could use it, we start to think of other ways to use it. In this guide, we cover dozens of DIY survival gear items you can make and be prepared for anything.

And sometimes we find dozens of different ways to use it.

This guide is jam-packed with DIY survival tools, tips, and tricks.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

DIY Survival Gear Guide: 73 Survival Projects For Preppers To Make

Table of Contents:

The Importance of DIY Skills for Preppers

DIY Survival skills

  • Slingshot
  • tomahawk
  • candle
  • water filter
  • walking stick
  • watch
  • Wood Stove
  • Water Purifier
  • stove
  • still
  •  sewing kit
  • staff
  • spear
  • shower
  • soap
  • saw
  • stick
  • shovel
  • shotgun
  • shoes
  • straw
  • suit
  • oven
  • oil lamp
  • Shelters
  • Whistle
  • vest
  •  vehicle
  •  videos
  •  van
  •  necklace
  •  tools
  •  tin
  •  tent
  •  trailer
  •  tinder
  •  rifle
  • rations
  • radio
  • raft
  • rope bracelet
  • RV
  • projects for the apocalypse
  • poncho
  • pod
  • pdf
  • prepping
  • pack ideas
  • Paracord
  • matches
  • meals
  • knife
  • keychain
  • knives
  • lantern
  • lighter
  • light
  • lamp
  • food
  • food bars
  • firestarter
  • fishing rod
  • fire kit
  • food bucket
  • food storage
  • fishing pole
  • fishing pole

DIY Survival Fishing Gear

  • heater
  • hiking stick
  • hammock
  • hut
  • hatchet
  • hiking staff
  • hand sanitizer
  • grenade
  • gun
  • grill
  • doll
  • Survival DIY Deutsch
  • compass
  • cabin
  • cache
  • cement
  • chainsaw
  • container
  • cart
  • car
  • knife
  • shelter
  • stove
  • bucket
  • still
  • bunker
  • bike
  • bars
  • blanket
  • backpack
  • bag
  • belt
  • boat
  • biscuits
  • bread
  • bug-out bag
  • battery
  • axe
  • Bow
  • crossbow
  • folding Survival Bow
  • bow and arrow
  • arrowhead
  • armband

DIY Survival Gear Youtube Channels

The Importance of DIY Skills for Preppers

As I touched on above, developing your DIY and building skills is an important part of prepping.

The better you get at finding and using materials to create something of value that has more than one function to benefit you, the more prepared you’ll be on a day to day basis.

And as time goes on, the gap between the prepper who practices and does DIY projects on a fairly regular basis and the prepper that doesn’t will become substantial sooner rather than later. And that gap could mean the difference between surviving and not in a disaster scenario.

DIY Survival Skills

So getting better at building and DIY is important. I get it…

But what specific skills would benefit you the most by tackling head-on and become a pro at?

As someone who takes preparedness seriously, I’m always seeking to improve my DIY survival techniques and builder skills in general. The more DIY projects I do, specifically in survival categories, the better I get in many areas.

After every project, you get a little more skilled. Make a primitive spear out of bamboo in the wild, you’ll be a better survivor in general after making it. You get more skilled as a craftsman. You become more self-reliant and resourceful. And I could go on and on about the benefits of doing them on a regular basis.

Let’s get started with the projects.

DIY Survival Gear Galore: 73 Gear Items, Gadgets, and Gizmos To Make

Want to build your own survival arsenal? Well, if you make even half of these survival items, you’ll be more prepped and geared than Rambo himself.

DIY Mora Knife

Let’s slice things off right with a DIY Knife.

DIY Survival Slingshot

Have you ever gone squirrel hunting with a slingshot you made yourself? Now that’s fun. Make your own and start launching some pebbles at practice targets.

Here’s the tutorial on how to make a survival slingshot.

DIY Survival Tomahawk

To see how to make a tomahawk at home. Watch this video on how to make a survival tomahawk.

DIY Survival Tommy Walsh

Tommy’s DIY Survival tips are refreshing to hear occasionally. He’s been a DIY’er for a while. Here are some of his tips.

DIY Survival Candle

DIY 50-hour Survival candles are very popular in the preparedness community. DIY 50-hour Survival candles have become popular, this video teaches you how to go a step further and make 60+ hour candles.

DIY Survival Bow and Arrow

DIY Survival Water Filter

Primitive technology, one of the best survival youtube channels there is, has an excellent video on making a primitive water filter system.

Watch how to make a DIY survival filter below.

DIY Survival Walking Stick

Walking sticks are incredibly useful during a grueling hiking trip.

DIY Survival Watch

Here’s how you can make a survival watch in no time flat.

DIY Survival Slingbow

DIY Survival Whistle

Having a proper whistle in the wild is a valuable tool. Many hunters use them and backpackers carry one to use to send a survival signal in an emergency.

DIY Survival Airwood Camp Stove

DIY Soup Can Stove

Here’s how you can make a soup can stove.

DIY Survival Tent Stove

This stove is the one you need to know how to make. This survival stove is made for harsh environments.

DIY Survival Water Purifier

Having at least one method for water purification is a must. With the one thing we can’t go very long at all without, having drinkable water is a must.

Everyone needs to be able to purify water to make it drinkable. ANd if you know how to make your own water filter and purification systems at home, even better.

Here are a few different water filters you can make.

This one is a more in-depth emergency DIY water purification system.

DIY Survival Shelter

There’s quite a lot of different shelters you can make in the wilderness. This one you can make with just $5.

DIY Survival Shovel

Tactical shovels are badass. They are beasts when it comes to raw power and functionality.

Here’s how to make a survival shovel you can make at home.

DIY Survival Shotgun

Save a few bucks and learn how to make a survival shotgun yourself. Perhaps the most powerful weapon you can have for home defense.

Here’s a different video on how to make a bug-out shotgun if you’re keen on making your own guns.

DIY Survival Blowgun

make a blowgun

Have you ever hunted squirrels or rabbits with a blowgun? How about a blowgun that you made yourself?

Some say it’s addicting and is a nice break from using a rifle. Go to the guide on how to make a DIY blowgun here.

DIY Survival Oil Lamp

DIY Survival Watch

This is a different watch you can also make. It’s made with paracord as well. 

DIY Survival Spear

DIY Fishing Spear

how to make a bamboo spear

DIY Survival Water Filter


Mini Spy Survival Kit

Embrace your inner spy. Here’s how to make a mini spy survival kit. It looks like something James Bond would do.

DIY Survival Vest

DIY Survival Vehicle

DIY Survival Van

DIY Survival Necklace

DIY Survival Paracord Gear, Gadgets, and Tools

There are lots of different items you can make with paracord for survival. So we made an entire guide specifically on just DIY Survival Paracord Projects.

DIY Survival Paracord Bracelet

how to make a paracord bracelet

We have a complete guide on how to make a DIY survival bracelet here at TSJ.

DIY Survival Herbs

DIY Survival Axe

An axe can be one of the deadliest and most versatile tool you can possibly posess. With a little skill and practice, it could be all you really need.



Knowing how to make a few of these can mean the difference between survival and not in the wilderness. Also, they’re extremely fun to make. They’re perfect DIY projects for preppers on an afternoon.

How many of these DIY Survival items have you made before?

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DIY Survival Gear Guide: Build Your Own Arsenal
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