A number can have a lot of power.

If you’re new to survival or prepping, you may not be familiar with the lingo yet. That’s fine, that’s why you’re here.

One of the common rules we have amongst survivalists and preppers is called the Rule of Threes.

The Rule Of Threes States that you can survive:

  • Three Seconds Without Hope
  • Three Minutes Without Oxygen
  • Three Hours Without Shelter
  • Three Days Without Water
  • Three Weeks Without Food
  • Three Months Without Love

Normally, we know and can assume that you can survive for three minutes without oxygen. You can survive three hours without Shelter. You can survive three days without water. And you can survive three weeks without food.

Why did survivalists and preppers make this a rule?

Because it’s a very simple set of priorities to go by. The rule of three’s an excellent sequence of care that you need to fix in an emergency.

The Survival Rule of Threes

You Can Survive 3 Seconds Without Hope

A big part of why preparation is so crucial is so that when SHTF, you don’t panic!

If you panic, you’re done. The first part of the rule of 3’s in survival states that you can only survive three seconds without hope. So be prepared for emergencies before they happen so you’re prepared.

You can’t think and more importantly, you can’t act to get yourself out of danger.

You Can Survive 3 Minutes Without Oxygen

First, you need to make sure you can breathe. So without saying, if you’re drowning. Getting above water is priority number one. Before shelter or food, you need to be able to breathe.

You Can Survive 3 Hours Without Shelter

After you can breathe without trouble. Next, you should worry about shelter. Put all of your energy towards the next step in the rule of three’s sequence

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”#800000″ class=”” size=””]Put all of your energy towards the next step in the rule of three’s sequence.[/perfectpullquote]

You Can Survive 3 Days Without Water

Yes, three days without water. That’s it.

The majority of your body is made up of water. We need it and we need a lot of it every day.

You Can Survive 3 Weeks Without Food

So food is the last priority of importance for you. You can go a long time without food. If you’re stranded in the wilderness, your first instinct might be to go look for food. But in reality, food is the very last thing you should worry about. Shelter and water are first and most important.

You Can Survive 3 Months Without Love

This is the last part of the survival rule of three’s. The essence of why we’re on earth. To reproduce and further the human species.

After three months of being alone, loneliness starts to occur. The dreadful feeling of loneliness perhaps may be a form of punishment for not being social and being helpful companions.

Watch this video on a simple explanation of the rule of threes.


This rule of survival is essential to learn and remember at all times.

Knowing your priorities in a survival situation can make the difference between surviving and not.

Has the Survival Rule of Threes helped you in an emergency?

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The Survival Rule of Threes
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