Aaron Phillips: Official Survivalist Profile

Introducing the official survivalist profile of Aaron Phillips.

Aaron Philips is someone who likes taking groups to the great outdoors and teaching them how to survive. It will be done with materials that were not made by man. He loves doing it which is why he does not really see himself as someone who will work an office job the entire day. Believe it or not, he began with his passion for survival at the young age of six years old. He immediately saw himself as someone who can survive in his later years. Now, he is a father and he can’t wait to show his children how it is done.

Naked and Afraid

Aaron completed a 21-day challenge in Belize’s Tropical Rain Forest. The place is pretty hot so it was amazing how he was able to complete it without any clothes. Of course, he was able to build temporary clothing and shelter for himself and his partner. The challenge was broadcasted in Discovery Channel resulting in his immense popularity. It is no secret how a lot of people would love to become Aaron when they grow up. They don’t know that it takes a lot of guts to survive in the wild like that.

There are some Naked and Afraid episodes where some fans try and survive themselves. They find out that it is a lot harder than it looks. Aaron Philips came to the challenge pretty prepared. He knows what needs to be done during the three ways in the wild in order to survive. He became lucky that he got a partner who is also a good survivalist. It is hard enough to survive in the wild and even harder to do it without any clothes on. He became such an online sensation that a lot of people were raving him for conquering the challenge. It is no secret he gained a lot of followers on social media there.


Aaron became a backpacker who likes going on long treks in the mountains. He likes camping overnight with other people who are also survivalists. He even does it in places he is not that familiar with. Yes, not only has he been to Canada but he has also been in various jungles in Asia. He may have been in some places that some locals are too afraid to go to. It shows just how resourceful this guy is because he would love to go to all lengths and survive the night either by himself or with other people. There is nothing like meeting new people with the same interests when you travel.

Life Survival Florida

Aaron offers his public speaking skills in this company as he can speak in front of a large crowd. He is definitely not someone who is shy. When you are a big group, you can have him guide you through the wild. There is nothing like experiencing it first hand so you know what it is like to be out there. There is no better person more qualified to guide you other than Aaron Philips. Life Survival also has a ton of survival items for sale on their website. If you are not prepared to go to one of their events, you are in luck because you can buy a lot of items there. There are times when their prices will drop so better watch out for that.

Life Survival has a ton of adventures you can sign up for. Be prepared to meet other like-minded people under the guidance of Aaron Philips. It is going to be a totally awesome experience so better bring a lot in your backpack for what is about to come. Each adventure would present a different type of challenge. You never know what you are going to encounter when you are out there. Better be prepared for the worst. Besides, you may not even have ample gear with you especially when it becomes dark.

Aaron Philips is a highly qualified survivalist who loves engaging other people to do the same. He is someone you want to be with because of his extensive knowledge. His survival camp has been covered by traditional and online media. He does not mind being in the middle of attention.