Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art that’s based on techniques derived from traditional Samurai battle tactics.

There’s lots of skepticism about its practicality in the real world. That’s what we’re after. The truth about whether or not Aikido is effective in the real world.

In this post, we have a couple of bones to pick with a so-called “martial art”.

Discover why Aikido Is BS, why you shouldn’t learn Aikido for self-defense, and what to do instead.

Aikido In Real Life

Aikido sounds great when hearing about it. It makes sense when it is being described to you. But there’s just one little problem.

It’s not based on reality. 

It’s based on an idea and a theory that sounds good when you hear it. In reality, it doesn’t work.

Aikido is a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo

As you’ll watch below in the video talking about whether or not aikido is up to snuff or not. I don’t have any confidence in developing any “skills” in this field of martial art.

So for your safety, pick up a class or two on Brazilian Jujitsu or MMA. Those are just a couple of the martial art styles that actually work in real life.

If you’re going to make the decision to invest time and money into learning skills for self-defense, why waste it on something that’s not practical and won’t really help you when you need it the most.

Joe Rogan has been a professional MMA fighter, instructor and commentator for decades. Here he is talking about how aikido is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.

The Truth About Aikido: Martial Arts Expert Says Aikido As Useless

Watch martial arts expert Joe Rogan talk about why aikido is nonsense.

Well, there you have it. We completely agree with Joe’s point. Many people are delusional about some aspect of life. Even if they are brilliant in other areas in life. It doesn’t matter. And this doctor is clearly delusional about what aikido is and is not.

So Is Aikido Effective In Real Life Self-Defense Situations?

Does Aikido work in a real fight?

The answer is no.

Hell no.

Based on watching that talk, watching many other videos of aikido, listening to some class lectures, I don’t see a reason to think that aikido is practical in reality at all.

The fact is, there are many subjects in life that sound good and make sense in theory. But in reality, it simply does not work.

So we recommend you pick a martial arts that are based on reality. We talked about the top 10 martial arts for self-defense here that you can go to for reference.


Providing high-quality information tips and tricks about self-defense is a priority here. So when we discover something important that could mean the difference between life and death, it’s our responsibility to share it with you.

With that being said.

Aikido is complete and utter nonsense.

Have you ever taken an Aikido class? If so, did you find it beneficial?

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Is Aikido Effective In Real Life For Self-Defense?
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  1. Just a thought… Any form of martial arts is a positive in that it helps to get you physically fit. So long as you don’t foolishly become overconfident, the training should help you acquire some modicum of situational awareness. Personally, I preferred Nichi GoJuRu as it provided a terrific workout and better skills for self defense.


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