Walking past a pack of beer called “IPA Survival Kit” in the store made me stop for a closer look. Little did I know I was going to be very… very drunk that night.

IPA Survival Kit Review

Full disclosure: I’m an IPA man. I like IPA’s. So seeing this got my attention right away.

I like the flavor of them. It’s rich. It’s full. It’s a strong flavor.

They taste different from regular beers to me. They’re beer, but better. After I tried an IPA for the first time, never again did I or could I drink another bud light.

The kit comes with 12 cans. 4 Styles. Perfect for packing in your vehicle for the next fishing trip coming up this summer.

I’m not a big drinker these days. But I do enjoy an IPA from time to time and… let’s just say I plan on preparing and re-stocking an IPA survival it more than my other kits.

Look for it in the supermarket next time you go. Then go home to your backyard survival garden for healthy food instead of buying fake food at the grocery store.


ipa survival it review

IPA Survival Kit: The Beer For Preppers
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