Do you know how to make a fire on top on snow?

What if you can’t make a fire if it’s raining out or you’re in the middle of a blizzard? During those conditions, it’s even more crucial for your survival to get a fire going and fast.

Fire is essential for survival in the wild, even more so in the Winter months because of the frigid temperatures. But you don’t want to make any kind of fire. We want to make a fire that is designed to last and sustain the Winter weather.

There’s a type of fire that’s designed to be made on top of wet ground or snow. Its called a Swedish log fire.

And it’s called a Swedish Log Fire.

How To Build A Swedish Log Fire

This is the fire to build when there is snow on the ground.

Make this fire if the ground is wet or snowy.

Here’s the video on how to make a fire on snow.

You don’t necessarily have to build one out in the wild, you can buy these logs that are built with the same concept at Swedish log fires. If you’re interested in buying one instead of making one, you can find a Swedish fire log on sale at Amazon here.

There is also something called an improved Swedish Fire Torch.

This video shows you the improved design.


If you need to make a fire in the middle of a thunderstorm or in a blizzard, a Swedish log fire is your best option for fire.

Have you ever made one? Let us know below.

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How To Make A Swedish Log Fire
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