10 Best Survival Youtube Channels:

  1. MCQBushcraft
  2. Paul Kirtley’s
  3. Joe Robinet’s
  4. Dutch Bushcraft Knives
  5. ZED Outdoors
  6. AlphieAesthetics
  7. Primitive Technology
  8. Marooned with Ed Stafford
  9. Fowler’s Makery and Mischief
  10. MCQ Bushcraft
  11. Taro Movies
  12. Joe Robinet


There are many downsides to social media. But there is some good as well. One of the best things about social media and the internet is access to information. Information we can use to learn and develop new skills. Information that makes us better prepared to survive the unknown future.

One of the best resources for information in video form is Youtube. In this post, discover the top 10 youtube channels about survival and preparedness.

Best Bushcraft Survival Channels On Youtube

Here are the top survival and bushcraft channels on youtube that deserve your views.

MCQBushcraft Channel

This channel is directed towards bushcraft survival. 

Visit the channel here.

Paul Kirtley’s

Paul is entertaining with his channel.

He has educational videos on bushcraft and survival in the wild.

Check out Paul’s channel here.

Joe Robinet’s

Joe also has bushcraft survival video content. He also makes videos on the gear he uses for his outdoor trips.

Go to Joe’s channel here.

Dutch Bushcraft Knives

Are you a knife guy?

Most of us are. 

Check out The Dutch Bushcraft knife channel here.

ZED Outdoors

Zed has a good channel about the outdoors and surviving in outdoors environments.

Go to the Zed Outdoors channel here.


Alphi’s channel is geared towards wilderness survival skills.

Check out Alphie’s channel here.

Primitive Technology

Perhaps the best wilderness survival Youtube channel on Earth. Primitive Technology makes videos on how to build sophisticated structures in the outdoors. 

They’re not out there building small tree houses either. They build complicated and secure shelters like huts ten feet tall with just mud and grass.

They are incredible.

Go visit their channel here.

Rune Bertram

If you like more bushcraft, blacksmithing, and Viking type of content. This is the channel for you.

Here’s one of the videos to see what I mean.

Go to Rune’s channel here.

Marooned with Ed Stafford

This isn’t a specific channel. But an interesting series that’s been popular.

It’s located on the Discovery UK channel. Here’s the first episode.

Fowler’s Makery and Mischief

This channel was created by competitive survivalists. They do 30-day survival challenges and other types of challenges as well.

Check out the channel here.


There are dozens of quality youtube channels out there. These twelve are some of the best survival channels that you should check out of you haven’t.

I included channels that aren’t all the same with the same types of videos and content. That can get boring rather quickly. They all have something unique to offer.

Do you know of any good survival channels that we should put in the list?

For more survival resources, go to the Ultimate Survival Library for Preppers.

best prepper survival youtube channels

10 Best Survival Youtube Channels
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