Tact Bivvy: The Ultralight Emergency Bivy Sack by Survival Frog

Tact Bivvy: The Ultralight Emergency Bivy Sack by Survival Frog

The Tact Bivvy by Survival Frog –

Your Outdoor Comfort and Emergency Solution!

Ultralight and inexpensive bivy sack for survival

A great emergency bivy sack should have a few key qualities…

…The Tact Bivvy from Survival Frog manages to meet these important key qualities and somehow surpass all expectations!

Being an ultralight and compact bivy sack, this survival bag can be super helpful and easy to store for emergency situations. However, when it’s unfolded, it can quite comfortably hold a full-grown adult with no problem at all!

Also being inexpensive and durable, the Tact Bivvy from survival frog is perfect for those looking to get a comfortable and high-quality bivy without spending a fortune!

And that’s not all…

What exactly can the Tact Bivvy do…

  • It’s an ultralight sleeping bag that’s Tear-Resistant. Meaning it can be used in rough environments!
  • Tact Bivvy actually makes their awesome emergency bags to be waterproof and windproof!
  • This Bivy sack is also specially taped at the seams for added strength and durability!
  • Plus much, much more…
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The Tact Bivvy Is Ultralight and Compact…

Emergency sleeping bag bivy sack review

…Making it easy to add to your fishing or survival kit, camping gear, or even purse!

Being so compact and practically weightless, you’re sure to barely even notice the Tact Bivvy is hanging around!

However, this ultralight bivy sack is a convenient and ready to use tool for many situations. So your sure to remember it when it’s needed!

Because When The Tact Bivvy Unfolds…

ultralight bivy sack for emergency and survival sleeping.

it expands and becomes a great sleeping bag! The bivy sack is big enough to comfortably fit the average adult with ease!

…And for its weight and thinness, this bivy bag will definitely surprise you with its strength!

The reflective emergency material used to create Tact Bivvy will be sure to provide you with a tear-resistant sleeping bag!

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The Tact Bivy Handles Cold Weather No Problem!

Now you might be wondering, just how much warmth does a bivy sack like this add? Well, you might just be surprised! The Tact Bivvy is amazing in cold weather and freezing conditions and that’s for two main reasons… bivy sack for cold weather and warmth

  1. This bivvy bag features completely taped seams, this creates a weather-resistant barrier between you and the frigid cold.
  2. Not to mention the material reflects 90% of your body’s heat back to you, making it an essential survival tool and excellent addition to your camping gear.

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Quick Tip: Try a bivy sack and sleeping bag combo

Also, for those that need some serious warmth, try using this bivy sack to line your sleeping bag!

If you need to warm yourself up quickly, this is definitely the way to go! You might even get a little too warm!

A Bivy Sack That’s Waterproof and Keeps You Dry!

Survival Waterproof Bivy For Emergencies Review

On top of providing warmth, the Tact Bivvy by Survival Frog also manages to keep you dry due to this bivy being waterproof! That means…

  • No Collecting moisture from sleeping on damp ground!
  • No Unexpected rain and bad weather drenching your sleeping bag!
  • No Worries about being unprepared in the case of an emergency or natural disaster!

What People Are Saying About The Tact Bivvy In Their Reviews!

The TAC BIVY is exactly what I needed for my BOB. It’s light weight and compact. Perfect for it’s intended purpose. I am a large man (6’5″) so I needed something large enough to fit me in case of the need to use it. Will be buying more for our grown children and their families. – Terry G. 

“Just got my emergency bivvy sack and am very impressed with how small and light it is. One went in my car (I live and drive in snow country) and one went in my day pack for hiking and fishing trips.” – Ralph P.

I was surprised at the size of it. Quantity made, good material and light. Perfect for anything.– Phillip S.

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And When Compared To Other Bivy Sacks…

…The Tact Bivvy is one of the most durable and affordable bivy sacks on the market! tact bivvy emergency sleeping bag review

This inexpensive bivy sack has got to be the ultimate option for those looking to not spend a fortune!

When looking at other bivy sacks you’d find for sale, your probably going to notice the Tact Bivvy is very similar…

…Except most other bags will boast the same things as the Tact Bivvy, just with a bigger price tag!

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Best Of All, Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed! tact bivvy for sale from survival frog

When you buy the Tact Bivvy from Survival Frog, you can buy with confidence!

They offer a 6-month satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

…With an offer like this, you can guarantee you’re getting the best deal!


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