A youtube video titled: “What Joe Rogan Would Do in the Apocalypse” caught my attention today. I know Joe is a smart, self-reliant, and lives a more off-grid type of lifestyle than most.

Joe was talking about what he would do if SHTF, I was nodding my head at his initial plan for survival.

Joe is a very practical and action focused individual. He’s a skilled bowhunter and all-around outdoorsman, which is why I value his thoughts and am sharing them here with you.

So what would Joe Rogan do If SHTF?

How would he prepare for Doomsday?

SHTF Survival Guide: How Joe Rogan Would Survive The Apocalypse

Here’s how Joe would prepare for Doomsday.

Joe would grab every firearm, ammunition, bow, and arrows he could manage to fit with his “Apocalypseobile”.

Joe knows that food would be the most important and most difficult part of surviving in the wilderness.

He also acknowledges that he would need to build a survival shelter for long term shelter.

He also talked about a serious prepper that drove from LA to Canada on one tank of gas.

The bug out vehicle that survived a one way trip from LA to Canada on one tank of gas.

How did he do it?

What is his Apocalypsmobile?

Watch the clip, it’s entertaining if you get nothing else out of it. Enjoy.


Joe’s apocalypse survival plan seems better than most I’ve heard. It’s practical and based on real wilderness survival skills and experience.

Do you think Joe’s plan would work?

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What Joe Rogan Would Do in the Apocalypse?
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