Whenever the topic of preparing for volcanic eruptions is discussed, the thought of “what if Yellowstone erupts”? always comes to mind.

Yellowstone is a supervolcano that’s mostly located in the state of Wyoming. I say “mostly” because the area stretches for nearly 3,500 square feet. The most famous landmark of Yellowstone National Park is Old Faithful.

The actual name for the volcano is the Yellowstone Caldera, which is inside the Yellowstone National Park.

What Would Happen?

So what would happen if Yellowstone erupted?

Are we to expect that Yellowstone would even erupt in our lifetime?

According to BBC, three super-eruptions at Yellowstone appear to have occurred on a 600,000-700,000 year cycle which started about  2.1 million years ago. The most recent took place 640,000 years ago.

Which suggests to us that Yellowstone is actually overdue for an eruption.

Lately, videos have been popping up about the volcano showing activity and rises in temperature.

So what would actually happen if this supervolcano erupted?

Would it affect other countries? Would people at opposite ends of the country be affected? Would it destroy the country?

This video tells us what would happen.

How To Prepare

There are guides on how to prepare and survive a volcanic eruption. But they may not work as well as you might hope if an eruption of this magnitude took place.

To learn more about Yellowstone, this documentary is worth the watch.


Is there anything we could really do to realistically prepare for such an eruption? Probably not. An eruption of a volcano that size will change life on earth in a dramatic and explosive (no pun intended) fashion.

What would you do to prepare for a Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption? 

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What If Yellowstone Erupts?
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