When you find yourself in a life-threatening situation, you may have to improvise to survive. Using what you have around you can protect you against predators and attackers, and it doesn’t even have to be a ready weapon to serve this purpose.

Here is a selection of 20 homemade weapons that you can create on your own. Most of them can be created from things you have lying around your house.

DIY Weapons You Can Make at Home


1. PVC Pipe Compound Bow

A bow is one of the most popular tools for defense in the history of mankind, and it is definitely a badass weapon. You may not be able to create a gun, but you can make your own compound bow.

Make yourself a bow by following these instructions.

2. Pocket Tool

Weapons You Can Make at Home

A homemade pocket tool can have many functions that will help you not only defend yourself, but also perform many tasks. Of course, you can make a DIY pocket tool that fits your preferences.

The procedure is rather lengthy and depends on how many tools you want to add to the multifunction tool. Here are some great ideas.

3. Homemade Taser Gun

Weapons You Can Make at Home

A taser gun is an excellent tool for defense. It is not lethal but can save your life in a life-threatening situation.

If you do not have a taser gun already, you can make your own at home. There are several types of homemade taser guns.

4. Pump Action Gun

Weapons You Can Make at Home

Making this gun is inexpensive and it can do a lot of damage to your attacker. It is a great tool to have around in emergency scenarios, and you can make it at a cost of around $20!

5. Club Tool

Weapons You Can Make at Home

If you find yourself stranded in the wilderness and need something to protect you, you want to act like your ancestors did back in the stone age. A primitive club tool is a way to defend yourself in such situations, and here is how you can make this weapon.

We recommend using gloves with this weapon, so it does not fall off.

6. Bolt Action 12 Gauge

This video should show you how to create this badass weapon by using simple tools. This is the closest thing a person can make to a gun at home.

It isn’t only efficient to use, but it looks really scary. If an intruder or attacker tries to harm you, only pulling this tool out should scare them.

7. Saw

Weapons You Can Make at Home

It is exactly as you imagined – you can create a saw blade right at home provided you have purchased the right equipment. Here is how the weapon works.


8. Hammer

Weapons You Can Make at Home

Look at this tool as your ‘war hammer’. There are many ways to make this weapon, but here you have the simplest instructions.

In most cases, making your own hammer will require many steps, including drilling, welding, and filing. The design we used is much simpler to make, and requires only a black pipe.

A war hammer is one very badass weapon, and it is much more versatile than an ax.

9. Flamethrower

Weapons You Can Make at Home

Flamethrowers are amazing for self-defense and survival! This tool can fit right there in your backpack and if you make it right, you can be as safe as with any other, purchased weapon.

By using a diesel nozzle, an air compression, a hose, a fuel tank, and some fittings, you can make your own flamethrower that runs on torch fuel.

10. Landmine

Believe it or not, you can make a homemade landmine from an old lunchbox! Of course, you must be extremely cautious when making this weapon, since things can go really bad if you aren’t careful.

Use airsoft pellets for the production of the homemade landmine. Here are the instructions that will help you make it.

11. Mini Cannon

Weapons You Can Make at Home

A small cannon can come with a combination of a few screws, a BBQ lighter, an epoxy, and a drill. There are many variations to this. Make your own, mini combustion cannon that fires airsoft pellets.

Here is a video with a nice tutorial for making a mini cannon at home.

12. Trebuchet

Weapons You Can Make at Home

This is a giant weapon, and you can make it on your own! It has an immense force that annihilates everything that comes your way. Of course, seeing that it is a weapon of this size, you must be very careful when creating it.

13. Pipe Gun

Weapons You Can Make at Home

This improvised shotgun tutorial tells you how to make a very effective weapon in under 10 minutes. If you do it right, you can defend yourself against almost everything!

14. Death Ray

Do you have an old television, just lying around without any purpose? Use the television to create your own survival weapon. With an old TV screen, you can now make a death ray of enormous size!

Here are some step-by-step instructions that will help you make it.

15. Stun Grenade

Weapons You Can Make at Home

By only using baking soda, vinegar and PVC pipe, you can create a cheap grenade that is very safe to use. However, the stun grenade is more of a startling weapon than a weapon that causes serious physical harm.

Even so, it is still a handy item to have in emergencies.

16. Pocket Dart Gun

Weapons You Can Make at Home

Shooting darts out of a syringe is fun and a great way to defend yourself. This homemade tool works from a very long distance, and you can achieve high accuracy by using it.

Of course, you will need to make it first.

17. Cardboard Battle Axe

Weapons You Can Make at Home

You can make a battle axe out of something as simple as cardboard! It may not be as effective as a real ax, but it will sure scare the attacker!

18. Knife

Weapons You Can Make at Home

You surely expected to find a knife in this list, and you weren’t wrong. There are many materials you can use to make a knife of any shape and size you want. Whether you choose wood, bamboo, bone, shell or a beer can be made of aluminum, it is up to you.

19. Sword

Weapons You Can Make at Home

We all wanted to own a sword at some point or another. This is your chance to own one, and you can now make it on your own!

20. Throwing Stars

Awaken the ninja in you! Make these homemade throwing stars and aim to defend yourself!

Safety always comes first. With danger lurking around every corner, you need to be safe at all times!


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