There are many items out there that would surprise you about how many uses they have. Even the smallest and lightest tool can pack some power in the versatility of it.

We made a post about how the Shemagh Scarf has dozens of tactical and survival uses and you would never guess that it did. After all. It’s just a scarf, how can a scarf that’s made of cotton save your life?

So we wanted to gather this list of weird and uncommon items that you wouldn’t normally expect could have multiple uses for survival.

27 Odd Tools and Items You Can Use For Survival


survival uses of tampons

Not holding back with this first item. You may have not guessed it would have been. Could a tampon save your life?  That would be a story worth hearing.

Tampons have a few uses for survival and can get you out of a jam.

See the full post of Survival Uses for a Tampons here.


survival uses of aluminum foil

Aluminum is another powerhouse for survival and prepping. It’s such an inexpensive and lite compact item for the dozens of uses it has.

See the full list of how to survive with tin foil here.

Shemagh Scarf

This tactical scarf just might be the ultimate tactical item.

It has dozens of uses for survival.

Survival Uses for Honey

survival uses of honey

Buy the good stuff or harvest your own. Honey can be a miracle survival item.

Survival Uses for Alcohol

Did you expect to see this?

One might think you would see this on a “items that kill you” list. Not this list. But here it is. Alcohol is essential in my opinion.



Speaking of alcohol. Whiskey, in particular, has specific benefits for you.


survival uses of a condom

This list wouldn’t be complete at all if this wasn’t included.

See the full list on how you can use a condom to survive.

Survival Uses for Urine

survival uses of urine

A man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do. If it means the difference between you surviving and not. Your own urine could be used to drink. We’ll get to that in another post. It’s a rather big topic.

Survival Uses for Vaseline


Survival Uses for Wax


Survival Uses for Nail File


Would you feel weird carrying a nail file in your bug-out bag?

Survival Uses for Toothpaste

survival uses of toothpaste

Most kinds of toothpaste have certain ingredients in it that make it so useful.


This ingredient has a host of uses and benefits.

Survival Uses for Salt

survival uses of salt

Salt has a bad rap in general by public society. But we know better. Salt is essential. And there are just some foods you must put it on. I can’t eat eggs without salt. I feel like it’s a sin not to.

Survival Uses for Straw

survival uses for straw

Survival Uses for Shoe Polish

Survival Uses for Hand Sanitizer

Stay germ-free and survive anything.

Survival Uses for Glow Sticks

Not just for seeing in the dark.

Survival Uses for a Drinking Straw

Survival Uses for Motor Oil

Motor oil is convenient because most preppers keep at least a couple of gallons of oil in their vehicles and at home in case of emergencies. So it’s something you already have.



Petroleum Jelly


Survival Uses for Pantyhose


Survival Uses for Pine Cones

survival uses of pine cones

Survival Uses for Chapstick


Survival Uses for Crisco


Survival Uses for Chalk

survival uses of chalk

Have you ever used one of these items in an emergency? Let us know below in the comments.

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27 Uncommon Items That Can Save Your Life
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