Have you ever thought about looking in your closet for what you could repurpose wire hangers for?

In this post, we cover the survival uses for wire hangers so you can use them for more than one function.

Survival Hacks and Household Uses With A Wire Coat Hanger

Plastic hangers are for amateurs.

Wire hangers will have dozens of ways you can use them to survive and be more self-sufficient with the items that seemingly only have one function. Which is to collect dust in your closet.

Not hanger.

Let’s start the list.

Tent Pegs

Use the hanger to assist your tent with some pegs.

Car Door Unlocker

A classic urban survival trick. I’ve only locked my keys in my car once in my life so far, and yes I did use a hanger.

But unlocking your car with a hanger is something everyone does at one point or another.

String insertion tool


Hanger for pistol belts

Hang your belts for your handguns and pistols with ease.

Makeshift Antenna

Make a makeshift DIY antenna out of a wire hanger, skip the trip to Best Buy.

Hot Dog Hanger

Hang hot dogs on your next camping trip.

Marshmallow Hanger

You can also hang marshmallows.

Penny Stove Stand

Drain Pickup Tool

Mini Hook

Guy Wire and 4 S-hook

Make one of the most functional and useful items with the hanger.

Barbecue Stick



Use them as a stake to secure what you’re building, like a DIY shelter.

Bottle Carrier

Use the hanger to be able to carry multiple bottles.

Paper Clip

Make paper clips to organize your papers.

survival uses for paper clips


Handle the survival situation with a hanger.

Key Ring

Carry your rings or other survival jewelry that you have.



Safety Pin

Safety first.

Key ring
Multipurpose Hanger

Slim jim locked car keys
Belt keeper and strap
Pickup Tool
Drain retrieval hook

As a hanger

Almost forgot about this one. Last but not least.

Just use it as a hanger.


Since we already have hangers, why not getting a different kind so they can

become multifunctional and be used for more than just a simple task.

How many of these have you done with a wire hanger? Let us know in the comments if you know any other survival uses.


28 Survival Uses For Hangers
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