Did you know petroleum jelly is the main ingredient for the perfect fire starter? But we’ll get to that later.

The primary survival use for petroleum jelly is to use it with cotton balls to have a fire starter, which we’ll get to in the list.

With that being said. That one reason alone is worth carrying it with you.  But here are 27 more reasons and ways to use it.

Ways To Use Petroleum Jelly For Survival

First, there is a common question when mentioning these ingredients. Is vaseline and petroleum jelly the same thing?

Yes. Vaseline is the brand name of the product. Petroleum jelly is the actual ingredient in the substance.


Having this for a moisturizer can feel like the most precious resource you have if you’re in frigid weather and forgot to pack something to protect your skin from cracking. Especially useful for lips. An essential item for a cold weather survival kit.

You can also use it to moisturize dry, chapped, and sunburned skin after the fact.

The Ultimate Fire Starter: Make a Cotton Ball Fire Starter.

The thing that makes this stuff gold is the fact that it can burn for a long time. So use it to make a small candle as well with cotton.

Here is a video that goes over the different ways you can use it that we talked about in this post.

This video shows you more in depth on how long it will burn for. And it’s rather entertaining.

If you want more in depth how-to step by step instructions on making fire with petroleum jelly, check out this video.

Campfire Starter

What this substance does very well is accelerate fire. That’s what it does well. So your campfire that’s starting to get a little dim and losing it’s will, break out the grease.

This video shows you how to use it as a campfire starter.


What not to use it for. We talked about how petroleum jelly is helpful for your skin in a lot of ways. However… I think it’s important to point out that there are skin conditions that you should NOT use vaseline for.

A skin burn. Do not apply it to a burn that you just got in hopes to reduce the pain and inflammation. That comes after. But not at first. Immerse the burn in cold water and nothing else.


With this stuff being so readily available and so inexpensive, it makes for a must have item in your kits. Especially for the fire starting ability it has.

Here are some more ways you can use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for survival.

  • Light and heat source with the candle.
  • Protect old, dried out leather.
  • Protect extremities from frostbite.
  • Lubricate metal parts on tools and gear.
  • Use it as a cleaner on a camping trip.
  • Lubricate stuck zippers to free them loose.
  • Keep old keys and locks working well.
  • Protect small wounds, scrapes, and cuts.

Do you use petroleum jelly on a regular basis?

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survival uses for vaseline
3 Masterful Survival Uses For Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
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