Have you ever packed shoe polish in a survival kit or bug-out bag? It might be one of the more uncommon things to pack in your B.O.B. Let’s explore why you might want to.

In this post, discover 7 survival uses for shoe polish to keep more than just your Allen Edmunds shiny.

Ways To Use Shoe Polish For Survival

Shoe polish packs some strong chemicals to do what it does.

Can we use those chemicals for other things? You bet. The first one we’ll cover is one of the most important wilderness survival skills for us to develop.

Make Fire

Shoe polish is an effective ingredient for tinder. Treat it like tinder and fire you shall have.

Tea Tree Candle

Use shoe polish to make a tea tree candle to light your path on a camping trip night.

Put small portions into a candle holder and mix it with cotton wool.

They burn for about 20 minutes, which is impressive considering their small size.

Polish Leather

Shoe polish is good at rejuvenating color in leather. Use it to polish any leather you wish.

Note: A cream polish will work the best for this purpose. 

Insect Repellent

Insects hate shoe polish more than flying into a window.

Caution:  Shoe polish is flammable. It can be toxic to us as well as stain skin if it’s applied.

Better to use this as a last resort to repel bugs. 

Protect Wood

Protect the wood while adding a little color to it that brings out a nice shine and more contrast to the wood.

Shoe polish can also add waterproof attributes to leather and wood.

Style Wood

Color it and brighten it.

Get Rid Of The Squeak

Put some on a concealed carry leather holster to get rid of the squeak. Put some on where the leather friction is that’s causing the squeak.


Now you have more than one reason to keep shoe polish around.

Make your woodworking DIY projects more vibrant and bright. Protect your leather shoes and make them free of squeaks.

Have you used shoe polish for a survival purpose?

To see more survival uses and hacks, go to the Ultimate Guide here.

shoe polish uses for survival

7 Survival Uses For Shoe Polish
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