Would you believe that there are dozens of survival uses for rubber bands? Discover all the survival hacks and tips for using elastic rubber bands here.

Rubber Band Survival Hacks

Now for how you can use rubber bands. Let’s start the list.


The rubber band makes one hell of a makeshift tourniquet. This is the primary use of survival that we should all learn. 

Need an improvised emergency tourniquet in the wilderness? A rubber tube makes a near perfect tourniquet until you reach your bug-out location.

Prevent Waste

Prevent your soap dispensers from dispensing too much.

Organize Tools

We’ll mention a few of them throughout this post but think of all the small items and tools you could organize with them.

Keep The Bugs Out

We covered this is how to keep the bugs out of your pants on your camping and backpacking trips.

Use the bands to wrap around your pant legs to make them tight around the bottom of your legs. So there is no space between your legs and pants.

No space, no bugs.


Instead of an elastic ponytail from the shampoo aisle at the grocery store. Use a rubber band to fix your ponytail. Especially if you have a redneck hair doo.

Stripped Screw

Use it to assist you with removing a stripped screw.


Get the lid off of a jar that’s holding on a little too much.

Keep It Together

Keep your notecards together by using making the band tight around the stack.

Strap Items To Yourself

Bind tools and gear to yourself or your bag Make the elastic around the item and the part of you to hold it there.

Strap It

Make a strap for your glasses or sunglasses.

Label Your Cup

Nothing puts a label around something like a rubber band.

I used to work in a restaurant where they would do this. They put a rubber band around their coffee cups to mark them.

Erase Pencil Writing

It’s similar material, right? So you can use it for the same purpose.

Use the bands to keep your pens organized

Wrap it around your bundle of tactical pens to keep them together. At least if you lose them, you’ll lose all of them instead of just one…

Cash Is King

Use the band to keep your cash together. Is it better than a money clip? Not exactly. But if you don’t have anything else, it works.

DIY Survival Project: Make a Rubber Band Engine

Have you ever heard of a rubber band engine?

As you’ll see in the video, the rubber bands do most of the work for you.

Watch this video for the step by step tutorial.

Additional Uses For Rubber Bands

Would you believe that a little rubber band could have dozens of other functions, uses, and ways to survive?

We went over some useful ways to use elastic bands, but we hardly scratched the surface.

For 25 more ways to use rubber bands for survival, watch the video below.


Hope you enjoyed these survival hacks. It’s worth throwing a few bands in with your gear kits and bags. It helps to be a little flexible with your kits…

Do you know any more survival uses for rubber bands?

To see more survival uses for everyday items, go to the Ultimate Survival Hacks Guide here.

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Survival Uses For Rubber Bands
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