Survival Uses For PVC

  • Make a Survival Bow
  • Make a Fishing pole
  • Make a canteen
  • Make a weapon
  • Water Collection/carry water
  • Gather wood
  • DIY PVC Blow Gun
  • Make an ice pack
  • Make a blowgun
  • Make a Fishing kit
  • Boat Anchor
  • Launch arrows by creating an Atlatl
  • Make it into an improvised gardening tool
  • Well Casing
  • Make a PVC Bow Stand
  • Make a Survival Cache
  • Gather/carry things
  • Make a storage container

Ways You Can Use PVC

PVC pipe is one of those materials that’s near perfect for doing lots of things very well in a specific category.PVC is one of those materials. It’s an excellent material for making many types of weapons for example. Which we’ll cover a few different ones in this list.

Make a Survival Bow

diy pvc bow

Number one being a survival weapon you can make.

See the full video on how to make a DIY Bow and Arrow using PVC here.

Make a PVC Fishing Pole

Never go without fish again. You can use PVC to make a fishing rod. 

Make a Belt Clip For Your Canteen

Use PVC to make a belt clip for your canteen.

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Water Collection and Transportation

Thought it would make sense to put it after a belt clip for a canteen. You can use PVC for both collecting and becoming storage for water.

You might be wondering, “Is PVC Safe for Carrying Drinking Water?”

Yes, BUT… only a specific kind. Not all PVC types are created equal. If you’re going to be using it for water purposes, make sure it is white schedule 40 PVC. That is the specific kind that has been declared safe from drinking water from it.

Make an Ice Pack

Stay cool using PVC.

You can make an ice pack which suddenly becomes very convenient to do in the summers.

Make a DIY PVC blowgun

make a blowgun

Make a Fishing kit

Here’s how to make a fishing kit with PVC.

Launch Arrows by creating an Atlatl

These things are cool, essentially you’re making a spear with PVC. Check out the video below.

Make an Improvised Garden Tool

Cut a small section away at one end to create a crude shovel or digging device. File to sharpen and shape the cut end to create a tool for digging up edible plants, roots, or bulbs.

Well Casing

Protect the lining of a water well drilling hole.

Make a Survival Cache

Gather and carry small items with a Cache you can make out of the pipe.

Make a Storage Container

Make a PVC Concealment container for keeping a low profile. You can use it to carry your EDC essentials and 

Make a Vertical Garden Container

Grow food, herbs, and spices with a vertical garden you can make using PVC pipe.


PVC is one of the best materials in general for preppers. The ones that use it, use it a lot and use it often. Not just for one or two things. But for nearly every aspect of preparedness.

This list of survival uses for PVC will be a good reference to start off with. Then you can go on to even make entire shelters using PVC.

Do you use PVC for something that’s really useful for you? Let us know below.

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