Do you play golf? Why not use your tees for something other than lining up a 300-yard drive? In this post, we cover different survival uses for golf tees.

Survival Hacks: 3 Must-Know Uses For Golf Tees

survival uses for golf tees

Golf tees can be very useful because of their definite shape and general purpose. Which is to be staked into the ground.

Garden Planner

When you decide to start your own survival garden, you can use different colored golf tees to map out your crops, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. 

Patch Screw Holes

Have any old screw holes that need to be filled? 

Use the golf tee to fill the hole. Then all you have to do is spackle the surface to make it smooth and flat.

The Ultimate Stake

Golf Tees make excellent stakes.

If you need to hold down a picnic blanket. Or a camping tent. Or anything else for that matter. Grab a golf tee and stake it to the ground.

DIY Golf Tee

Forget to bring extra golf tees? You can make your own golf tees out on the green.

Watch this video to see how to make a golf tee.



Have you used a golf tee for any of these uses?

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golf tee uses for survival

3 Must-Know Survival Uses For Golf Tees
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