Do you regularly pack fishing line with your emergency roadside kit? How about your first aid kit? Well, after reading this post, you might want to. In this post, we cover survival uses for fishing line you can use.

3 Survival Hacks For Fishing Line

As with many things we use in our outdoor activities like fishing, we can use many of the items for more than the way we use it. Like fishing line. Here are three ways to use fishing line.


Use a fishing line to help build your survival shelter. The line is sturdy and strong. Tie two structures together or hold them in place.

Gear Repair

Fishing line makes for great material to stitch with. Patch up and stitch clothing or items with the line.

Emergency Tourniquet

You can use the fishing line to make an emergency tourniquet if you have nothing else to use. Might want to pack some fishing line in your first aid kit just in case.


Now you know a few survival uses for fishing line. Pack some in your survival kits regardless of whether or not you’re going to be fishing for your next meal.

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fishing line uses for survival

3 Survival Uses For Fishing Line
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