How many different survival uses of coffee grounds do you get out of them? Do you throw it away after making your morning joe? 

As we learned with all the survival uses of coffee filters before, the coffee grounds are a whole other story.

  • Nourish your garden
  • Deter pests
  • Cleaning scrub
  • Compost
  • Get Rid of Roaches
  • Air freshener
  • Ice melter
  • Remove fleas from your survival dog
  • Tenderize meat
  • Grow mushrooms
  • Make a survival coffee kit

Are coffee grounds safe to consume?

You don’t get much of a buzz from the coffee grounds themselves. The caffeine is released during the roasting process. Yes I was disappointed too. But yes, coffee grounds are safe to consume. I wouldn’t eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner though.

Survival Hack With Coffee Grounds

This list will give you a good start to using coffee grounds for survival and self-sufficiency. If you’re growing your own food or are a gardener, you’ll definitely want to use it.

Nourish Your garden

Starting with nourishing your garden, coffee grounds are excellent for using in your garden in many ways.

Growing your own food is work and is more than worth it. Always save your coffee grounds to use for your garden.

Pest Patrol

Protect your garden with the grounds. The smell of the coffee deters mosts posts. Good for keeping them away from your garden. 

Cleaning Scrub

The “grittyness” of the grounds makes for an effective texture for cleaning your skin. Skip the expensive scrub from the store.


Use it for your compost as well.

Get Rid Of Roaches

Use the grounds for a roach trap.

Air freshener

Coffee grounds neutralize surrounding odors well.

Ice melter

Coffee grounds have acidity. The acid accelerated the melting process of ice. Melt away.

Remove fleas from your survival dog

Keep your pup flea free with coffee grounds.

Tenderize Meat

Make your meat tender with coffee grounds. If your looking for a natural way to tenderize your meat and also enhance the flavor, use coffee grounds.

Grow Mushrooms

Grow a ton of mushrooms with the grounds.

Watch this video to see how.

Make a Survival Coffee Kit

You can make the best survival coffee kit. This video shows you how.

For more ways to re use coffee grounds, watch this video.


Now that you know these different survival uses for coffee grounds, skip the trash can and put them in a container. Use them  in ever way you can before tossing it.

Do you already use left over coffee grounds for something? Let us know below.

For more survival uses of items, visit the Ultimate Survival Hacks Guide.

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Survival Uses For Coffee Grounds
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