6 Survival Uses For Charcoal

  • Camo Charcoal
  • Heal Wounds
  • Absorb Odors
  • Poison Pro
  • Diminish Diarrhea
  • DIY Water Filter

When you think of charcoal you may think of the black stuff they pump into your stomach after a night of bad decisions with johnny walker. Or cooking hamburger on the grill outside.

But charcoal may earn a spot in your survival kits after reading these six ways to use it to survive.

Below, we cover six ways to use charcoal.

6 Primitive Uses For Charcoal

Here are six survival uses for charcoal you’ll need when SHTF.

Camo Charcoal

Camouflage yourself with charcoal.

Yes, as you might already know how. Touching charcoal will make your hands black. Touch your face and any other part of your skin, it will also turn black. Conceal yourself from danger.

Heal Wounds

Charcoal is an effective filter and acts like a sponge. It absorbs some toxins and poisons.

Wrap charcoal in a piece of cloth and then around your wound. It will help absorb the bad stuff and clean the wound.

Absorb Odors

Charcoal can also absorb odors from the air. If you need to get rid of a bad one, use the charcoal.

Poison Pro

Charcoal can be used to help absorb poisons that you may be inflicted with. It doesn’t help aid all poisons, seek medical attention before the charcoal. But it does help with some.

Diminish Diarrhea

If you happen to have a stomach problem from bad Chinese food…  charcoal can help put diarrhea to a halt. 

Mix a small amount of charcoal with water and gulp it down. It will prevent diarrhea for a period of time.

DIY Survival Water FIlter

The charcoal will be used as the base for the filter.

Watch the video below to see how to make a water filter with charcoal.

DIY: How To Make Charcoal

It’s only a matter of time until living off the land will be our only option. But that’s for another post…

Knowing how to make DIY charcoal will be important to know, just like many other DIY projects for preppers to learn.

The video below shows you how to make charcoal.


Now that you know some survival uses for charcoal, saving a small space in your survival it may be beneficial for you.

Want to see more survival uses and hacks for everyday items? Visit the Ultimate Survival Hacks Guide here.

use charcoal for survival

6 Survival Uses For Charcoal You’ll Need When SHTF
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