Bacon is good for you.

That’s what I tell myself as I eat it, in some ways, it is good for you. And to make myself feel even better, I did some research into what survival uses for bacon grease we could start using it for instead of throwing it away.

Use Bacon Grease For Survival

Fire Starter

Use the grease to coat cotton balls and you got cotton ball fire-starters.

Cook It

Save it, put it in the fridge and use it next time to coat your skillet for cooking.

Moisturize Survival Gear

Even your gear will crack given enough time in cold weather. Use the bacon grease to moisturize your boots so you can finish getting up the mountain.

Make The Ultimate Survival Food

Use it to make the ultimate survival food. Animal fat is an ingredient to make Pemmican. 


What do you use leftover bacon grease for? Let us know below.

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survival uses for bacon grease

4 Survival Uses For Bacon Grease
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