Alcohol is more important than the daily edge that it can take off our shoulders at the end of the day. The survival uses for alcohol deserve more attention than that. And that’s the goal of this post.

We can do a lot of things with alcohol such as disinfecting surfaces and so on. But there are some survival uses for alcohol that you need to know about.

So strap in and grab a whiskey while we go through four ways for you to get the most out your future alcoholic beverages.

4 Survival Hacks For Alcohol

These tips will give you the power of taking your survival skills to a whole new level because they are jam-packed with awesome data.

1) Disinfectant and Mouth Wash

Your alcohol can be a source of disinfection for any wound. Ethanol is awesome to be used as a disinfectant in an emergency. It will work very hard to kill each one of the bacteria that are causing problems. 

Alcohol will dissolve the lips and denature proteins to kill bacteria. But you have to know what alcohol can also be a source of skin damage too. You can also disinfect a wide array of tools such as scalpels and knife blades with alcohol.

You will have to submerge the item into the alcohol bucket to kill as many bacteria as possible. You can also use alcohol in your mouth wash. Swish around for a while and then split out so you can destroy as many bacteria as possible by doing so.

If you use alcohol as a mouth wash, it will get rid of a lot of bacteria both in your between teeth and in your gun line. You can remove a lot of food particles when you force this solution to act on these parts of your mouth.

2) Get Rid of Mold Pore and Kill Odor

Alcohol can help you get rid of mold pores too. You can help destroy the mold where spores grow and live with alcohol. This substance can do this because it can evaporate water as quickly ass possible. 

Keeping bacteria at bay in the ear of your dog or other pets is possible with the aid of alcohol. You just to drop some drops of water onto the ear of the pet so you can kill as many bacteria as possible with the aid of your alcohol.

You can also kill a lot of odors in any confined area or clothing with the help of alcohol. Vodka is just awesome, and you can use it as a room deodorizer. Vodka is just clear and it has no apparent odor at all.

You can spread vodka in the ear. This will allow you to kill a wealth of bacteria too.

Do not use any sort of grain alcohol against spores, because this substance will not do what it is supposed to do in these cases.

3) Floating Flame

You can start a fire by floating alcohol with other alcohols. Bartenders do this all the time to create a floating flame. You do not have to use a lot of Bacardi 151 to create this on top of any drink out there.

You just have to splash a little alcohol on any fray pan and tilt it. This will you to contact any gas cooking flame too.

We are going to give you here just an example as to how you can start a fire by harnessing the power of alcohol.

Put a dried tinder on top of a soaked piece of cloth. Make sure that vapor of the alcohol is flowing up through your tinder.

Make sure that you use dried tinder on top of the cloth because the alcohol has to be burned off because it can cause a fire.

4) Kill Bad Odors

Alcohol can also be used to kill bad odors in any part of your home or office.

Do you have to deal with tons of mold? Enter alcohol.

This substance can help you get rid of tons of mold because it has a lot of water-drying properties that will allow you to get rid of this stuff too.

Do you need a mouth wash? If so, alcohol can do that for you quickly and easily too.


Remember that you can use alcohol in a wide array of ways. Alcohol can help you start a fire when you need it most. Alcohol can also be what you need when you have to disinfect a wound or space.

Has Alcohol ever saved your life?

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4 Battle-Tested Survival Uses For Alcohol
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