What would the Ultimate Survival Kit have in it? What would it look like? Well, you’re about to find out. We put together a list of nearly every survival tool and gadget that would be useful in a disaster situation. 

It contains over 180 items in 19 different gear categories. Keep reading to discover the survival gems that could save your life.

The Ultimate Survival Kit List

How many items do you have in your survival kit?

Do you have a few? Or way too many?

In case you’re looking for new items to bring in your bug out bag or emergency survival kit, here are some ideas for you.

NOTE: This isn’t a guide about Survival kits. This is more of a specific list of items that are for survival kits. If you’re looking for more information about survival kits and bags. You can go here for a complete guide to survival bags and packs.

There are 19 categories in the survival kit list. If we missed one or you think there should be one that is added, let us know in the comments.

We’ll take you through each section in order. In each section, the type of recommended products in that section are listed. Enjoy.

Section 1: Food

In the survival food section, we’re covering all the supplies that would make good items to have for food in a disaster or emergency.

1. Used Oil

2. Paraffin Wax

3. Honey

4. Vinegar

5. Baking Soda

6. Sandwich Bags

7. Peppermint oil

8. Rubbing Alcohol

9. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of the go-to snacks when camping. Or use it as a staple food for survival. It’s cheap, doesn’t go bad easily. You don’t need to keep it cool.  You could practically live off of peanut butter for years if you needed to.

10. Borax

11. Can Opener

Few things are worse than being starving, having a can of beans and no way of opening the darn can. If you have your tactical knife, you’re set. Otherwise, a can opener is just about your only hope.

And you don’t have to carry one of those clunky old fashioned can openers that are the size of a toaster oven. Small and lightweight is the key.

12. Cast Iron Pan

13. Tin Can

14. Aluminum Foil

15. Stainless Steel Pot

16. Portable Wood

17. Burning Stove

18. Butane/Propane Camping Stove

19. Cooking/eating utensils: forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks

20. MREs & Dehydrated Foods

21. Valley Food Storage Mango Habanero Chili

22. Rice

23. Salt

24. Hard Candy

25. Energy Bars

26. Canned Food

Sardines are excellent to have with you at all times. They’re healthy, they last, and are small so it’s easy to carry them in your bug out bag.

27. Tony Thatcher’s Creole Seasoning

We’re listing this product specifically because it’s on its own. This was the only seasoning that was specifically talked about in the community. If you have one that you like and just can’t leave home without. Let us know in the comments and we’ll consider adding it.

Section 2: Water

The essence of life, as you know, is Water. It is the most essential resource we need to survive. It’s the second rule in the survival rule of threes.

This section covers possible products for you to consider for the water section of your survival kit.

Which includes:

  • Water Filter
  • Water Collection
  • Water Purification

28. Dry High Test Hypochlorite (HTH)

HTH has no shelf life. When SHTF and you have this, you’ll at least instantly get 100% confidence that it has not gone bad. It’s 100% reliable.

And you don’t need much, a one-pound bag will purify about 10,000 gallons of water.

29. Water Collection Tank

30. Water Bag

31. Canteen

32. Water Bag

33. Non-lubricated condoms

34. Bleach

35. Water Filter

Having a water filter with you is essential for your survival since we can’t survive without water for very long. And if we found a water source but can’t drink it because it’s contaminated, the water does us no good. We must be able to purify it.

36. Water Purification Tablets

Section 3: Medicine

Section three covers the medical portion of your survival kit. If you or a loved one is hurt or injured. Having quality gear and supplies will be needed to properly treat injuries.

Out of your entire survival kit or bug-out bag, if you want to get the cheapest gear possible for everything. Let this be the type of gear where you spend a little more for better supplies. Buy quality first-aid and medical supplies. It can mean the difference between life or death.

Buy quality first-aid and medical supplies. It can mean the difference between life or death. Click to Tweet

37. Penicillin

38. Amoxicillin

39. Cephalosporin (Keflex)

40. Fish-Mox

41. Advil

42. Aspirin

43. Imodium

44. Antihistamines

45. Tylenol Cold & Flu

46. Benzocaine gel (for toothaches)

47. Specialized Medicine

48. Melatonin Tabs

Section 4: First Aid

Similar to the medical section prior. This type of equipment is important to get quality reliable gear that is durable and well built.

49. Sewing Kit

50. Rescue Shears

51. QuikClot

52. Splints

53. Tourniquet

54. Wound Dressing

55. Iodine

56. 50% Alcohol Solution

57. Surgical Kit

58. Sutures

Section 5: Power

This section will be especially important to you if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes. When your power goes out, being prepared and prepped is important.

59. A generator that can run off of propane and natural gas

60. Rechargeable Batteries

61. Battery Solar Charger

62. USB Solar Charger

63. Energy Bank

64. Carphone Charger

66. Electricity generator

Section 6: Hunting

Hunt or be hunted. Many of us are hunters as we like to be able to produce our own food to eat instead of relying on conventional grocery stores. The food you kill first and then cook and eat is much healthier for you anyway.

67. Binoculars

68. Slingshot

69. B.B./pellet gun + pellets

70. .22 LR rifle + ammo (if legally permissible)

71. Snare Wire

72. Crossbow

73. Manriki chain

74. Duke small body traps

75. Skinning Knife

76. Spear

Section 7: Weapons

77. Old Military K-Bar

78. Bayonet for a knife

79. Axe

80. Handgun (or two)

81. Rifle

82. At least a 308 bolt action for longer range/harder hits.

83. Lead Ventilation System

84. Pocket Knife

85. Fixed Blade Knife

86. Tactical Folding Knife

87. Machete

88. Bear spray

89. Pepper spray (if legally permissible)

Section 8: Clothing

90. Tactical Gloves

91. Hat

92. Rain Jacket

93. Wool Socks

94. Shemagh

95. Bandanas

96. Jacket

97. Tactical Boots

98. Hiking Boots

99. Sunglasses

Section 9: Tools and Gadgets

100. Small folding brush saw

101. Scissors

102. Nails

103. Hammer

104. Pliers

105. Duct Tape / Gorilla Tape

106. 550 Strand Paracord

107. Crowbar/Fubar

108. Knife Sharpener

109. Multi-Tool

110. Plastic Tubing

Section 10: Bags

We like our bags big and we like ’em bold. Having a different survival bag for each set of gear and items keeps us prepared. There are different bags that we need depending on the gear we put into them and the way we’ll be using the gear. 

Here are the specific bags that are essential for packing each set of items with.

111. Tactical Military Grade Backpack


112. Ammo Pouch


113. Canteen Pouch


114. Radio Pouch


115. Medical Pouch


Section 11: Illumination


116. Tactical Flashlight


117. Lantern


118. Emergency Candles


Section 12: Fire


119. Kerosene

120. Candle Stub

121. Welders Blanket

122. Lighter

123. Lighter Fluid

124. Waterproof Matches

If you don’t want to buy these, you can easily make waterproof matches. We made a guide on how to do it. They can become costly if you buy them frequently.

125. Magnifying Glass

126. Tinder

127. Twine

Section 13: Car Supplies

Is your bug-out vehicle stocked and ready for when SHTF? This category covers gear and supplies that would benefit you to keep in your vehicles.

128. Truck or Jeep

129. 12vdc fuel pump with long hose and power cable

130. Propane

131. Diesel fuel

132. Fresh Oil

Keeping some fresh oil in your vehicle is always a good idea for oil changes or lubing other items.

133. Jumper Cables

134. Cable Ties

135. Gasoline

136. Spare Tire

137. Tire repair kit

Section 14: Shelter

Shelter is another one of the core pillars of survival. It’s also in the survival rule of threes.

138. Mylar/space emergency thermal blanket

139. Sleeping Bag

140. Butane/Propane Heater

141. Rubber Boots

142. Poncho

143. Tent

144. Tarp

145. Bivy Sack

146. Hammock

147. A Good Ol’ 5ft x 7ft Wool Blanket

148. Sleeping Bag

149. Towels

Section 15: Navigation


150. Personal Location Beacon

151. Compass

152. GPS

153. Maps

Section 16: Communication

154. Cell Phone

155. Walkie Talkie

156. Satellite Phone

157. HAM, CB, or shortwave radio

158. Windup or AA-battery radio

159. Signaling Mirror

160. Flares

161. Whistle

162. Personal locator beacon (PLB)

A beacon is essential if you’re going to be doing any backcountry, camping, or mountaineering type activities. Especially in the winter. It’s one of the few items in the essential Winter Survival Kit.

Section 17: Education & Entertainment

Always be learning. Gear and gadgets make a big difference but it’s all worthless if we lack the skills and knowledge to know what to do with them.

163. A Deck Of Cards

You can even get a Survival deck of cards.

164. Survival Magazines / Books

165. Kindle

166. Tablet

167. Chromebook

Section 18: Personal Docs & Items

168. Money

a. Credit Cards

b. Cash

169. Sanitation and Hygiene Items

a. Toilet Paper

b. Tooth Brush

170. Extra Set of Car & House Keys

171. Cell Phone With Charger

172. Family Emergency Contact Information

173. Copies of Personal & Identification Documents

a. Medication list

b. Pertinent medical information

c. Proof of address

d. Deed/lease to home

e. Passport

f. Birth certificate

g. Insurance policies)

Section 19: MISC & Tradable Goods

174. Lowly Shovel

175. Gold

176. Silver

177. Cigarettes

178. Alcohol

179. Bug Net

180. Bailing Wire

181. Dryer Lint


There you have it, the ultimate survival kit list.

NOTE: Now, there are a lot of items on this list. And we’ll be continually adding to it to make it better as time goes on. Should you get every single item in every category?

Absolutely not. But the categories that are the most important to you, you may want to experiment with different pieces of gear for your survival kit or bug-out bag.

Did we miss anything? Let us know and we’ll add it in.

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Ultimate Survival Kit List: 181 Items in 19 Categories
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