Stealthy Concealed Carry Skills

  1. Don’t Act Like You’re Carrying A Gun
  2. Forget You’re Carrying A Gun
  3. Learn To Control Your Body Language
  4. Know Your Methods Of Carrying
  5. How To Spot Someone Carrying A Concealed Weapon
  6. Carry A Concealed Weapon With A Suit
  7. Wear your Holster and Weapon At Home First

How to Act with a Concealed Weapon

When you’re carrying a concealed weapon, there are certain ways you to act. You don’t want to be constantly thinking about how you’re carrying a weapon. That would just make you paranoid and it would feel like a burden to be a concealed carrier. It’s supposed to feel like the opposite.

We decide to carry for personal defense and safety. It’s another part of preparation. Carrying a weapon is another skill that makes you prepared for urban survival situations. Concealed carriers are prepared to defend themselves against potential threats in the streets.

7 Concealed Carry Skills, Tips, and Tricks

When it comes to handling a firearm and carrying a gun on you, there are many different skills, tips, and tactics to learn that would benefit you. In this post, we’re focusing on tips that will benefit you in how to actually carry the weapon in everyday life.

1. Don’t Act Like Your Carrying A Gun

This can be tough for inexperienced carriers. But what you don’t want to do is start acting like you’re carrying a loaded weapon. It will become obvious to those around you and draw a lot of unnecessary attention to yourself.

We become concealed carriers for personal defense and to protect our family. Not to unleash an ego power trip.

2. Forget Your Carrying A Concealed Gun

The best way to not act like you’re carrying a gun or weapon is to forget you’re even carrying one.

We don’t want to alert the public, including potential threats around us that we’re packing heat.

3. Learn To Control Your Body Language

This will improve by default as you carry your weapon. You’ll get more and more comfortable with it. You’ll adapt to the subtle changes in the way you move because of what you’re carrying.

But there are still ways you can practice your body language so it’s more natural and not obvious that something is restricting or causing drastic changes to your body language.

4. Know Your Methods Of Carrying

There are a few different ways you can carry your concealed weapon. Not 100 different ways, but around 10 primary ways and methods of concealment holsters.

You’ll want to learn most of them so you can try different ones. Everyone has their preference for carrying. Also, you’ll be able to adapt the method and the holster you use based on what you’ll be doing that day.

See our article on the different concealed carry methods.

5. How To Spot Someone Carrying A Concealed Weapon

Part of being prepared for possible threats is knowing the potential threat exists in the first place. If you don’t notice or can’t tell that a person near you is a concealed carrier of a deadly weapon, you can’t be prepared if the carrier becomes a threat to you.

[bctt tweet=”Part of being prepared for possible threats is knowing the potential threat exists in the first place. ” username=”thesurvivaljournl”]

This video is a good start for how to spot a concealed carry holder.

6. Carry A Concealed Weapon With A Suit

Let’s be honest.

What man hasn’t thought of walking around carrying guns in a suit with like James Bond.

Well if you’re going to pull it off as smooth as Mr. Bond, we better know how to conceal the weapon practically and comfortably.

This video does a good job showing and explaining different ways to carry concealed wearing a suit.

7. Wear Your Holster and Weapon At Home First

This is a very useful tip for beginners.

I wouldn’t recommend you go out into public festivals while wearing a concealed carry holster and weapon for the first time. Get comfortable with it first. Wear it around your house.

Go about your day (in the house) and after just a couple of days, you’ll be much more comfortable with it.


These tips will help you carry the weapon more confidently and safely. Carrying is all about protecting yourself from potential threats.

Do you know any other stealthy tricks for carrying a concealed weapon? Let us know in the comments below.

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7 Stealthy Concealed Carry Skills
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