The number of poncho uses that can turn a disaster scenario into a walk in the park with your survival dog strutting next to you.

In this post, we cover the different poncho liner uses can be used in emergencies and survival scenarios.

Survival Uses For Military Rain Ponchos

Your poncho will prove to be one of the most valuable survival items you have. It’s one of the best survival clothing pieces there is.

It’s an essential no-questions-asked item for your bug-out bag. The level of protection it will provide you is unparalleled. 

Now for how you can use ponchos to bug-out when SHTF.

Primary Use: Makeshift Emergency Shelter

The most useful way to use your rain poncho is to make an improvised survival shelter. For short-term shelter, it works.

If you’re in the wilderness and need shelter fast, it will get do the job and hold you over until you can either build or get to a more long-term shelter.

Shelter Configurations

Get free rent when you make poncho shelter tent.

Here are the different variations you can make.

  • Poncho Ridge Line Lean-To
  • Poncho Diagonal Lean-To
  • Standard Poncho Tent
  • Plow Point Shelter
  • Swiss Poncho Shelter

Plow Point Shelter

One of the army poncho uses is being able to make this specific shelter with it.

Watch the video guide below on how to set it up.

Feel Like Clint Eastwood

I don’t know about you. but any opportunity I can take to feel like Clint Eastwood, I’m going to take it without hesitation.

Put on a military grade poncho, draw your .45 magnum and start feeling lucky.

Keep It Together


Poncho Recommendations

If you’re looking for what kind of poncho should you get, here are some guidelines.

The style to look for is a military-style poncho. The military poncho uses will be the ones that you’ll thank yourself for investing in when the time comes.

Additional Poncho Uses

This video has an additional 10 different uses for ponchos you can take advantage of.


Hope you enjoyed these survival hacks with ponchos.

Do you know any more survival uses for ponchos?

To see more survival uses for everyday items, go to the Ultimate Survival Hacks Guide here.

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