Poisonous Berries That Could Kill You

  • Pokeberries
  • Manchineel: Little apple of death
  • Buckeyes

3 Healthy Berry Lookalikes That Could Kill You


pokeweed poisonous berries

How To Identify Pokeberries:

  • Have bright pink stems
  • Black color
  • Shiny
  • Look like blueberries or grapes



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These grow on Manchineel plants and they are known as the “little apple of death”.

They are also considered to be the most dangerous tree in the world.

This video talks about how deadly they are.

How To Identify Manchineel:

  • They grow in southern Florida
  • Small size
  • Green
  • Look just like small apples


buckeyes poisonous berries

How To Identify Buckeyes:

  • They resemble Chestnuts
  • Found in Ohio
  • Buckeyes are smooth, Chestnuts have spiky husks
  • The chestnuts on the ground are edible and good for you.


Could you identify these deadly berries in the wild? After reading this article, we hope it explains why being able to identify plants in the wild so you can identify what it is before eating it.

Especially when it comes to what you’re going to eat. It could mean the difference between enjoying a good meal and becoming extremely sick.

Have you ever eaten something that was poisonous in the wild? Tell us your experience below.

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