Did you know the survival uses for pill bottles are better than some actual survival gear?

What do you usually do with your used empty pill bottles? Instead of throwing them away. Particularly for storage. The different things you can store with pill bottles make it a powerhouse for saving a few of them and using them for packing small materials or items.

15 Pill Bottle Uses

A common question I see in different forums like “what can you use empty pill bottles for?” sparked this idea for this post. I’ve been using pill bottles to store spices to pack with me on camping and hiking trips for a couple of years. And they have been nearly perfect for doing that. They’re easy to pack and easy to put inside bags.

Packing and Storage

As I already mentioned above in the beginning, using them for packing small materials or items is probably the best way to use them. Here are some ideas for what you can pack inside them.

  • ammo
  • spices
  • bait
  • hooks
  • small materials
  • bandaids

Make A $1 Survival Kit

Now, this may or may not suit your needs. But it’s an interesting concept and probably works depending on what the kit will be used for. A bare-bones first aid kit containing just the essentials like a couple of bandaids and small ointment would work. But making anything significant as far as a survival kit or bug-out kit doesn’t seem ideal.

Now that I think about it. If you have a larger sized pill bottle, you could probably make a decent kit similar to an Altoid survival kit that you can make.

Here’s the video on how to make a survival kit with a pill bottle.

This video shows how to make a more ideal and practical pill bottle survival kit.

For other ways you can use a survival kit, here is the full list.

  • Store ammo
  • Make a first aid kit
  • Make a survival kit
  • Sewing kit
  • Waterproof container for money
  • Store or hide your keys
  • Store batteries
  • Collect and store small seeds
  • Start a fire with a pill bottle
  • Make a bomb
  • Store some cash
  • Store matches
  • Put a rock or something else with some weight to it and use it for fishing bobber


Out of all of these different survival uses for pill bottles, maybe throwing them away is a waste. Start saving them instead. Use them in one of these ways. Or if you think of another way to use it, all the better.

Being resourceful and sufficient with them is the key. There is always more than one function an item can perform. Personally, I think pill bottles are perfect to use for storage. Storing spices, ammo, or fishing bait works well with the size.

Do you use your empty pill bottles for anything specific that’s not listed here? Let us know below.

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15 Survival Uses For A Pill Bottle
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