If you needed to start a fire outside, could you do it? Are you able to build a shelter outside if you needed to?

Being able to survive outdoors is what man was meant to do. It’s natural for us to get our hands dirty and be self-sufficient without all of this technology we have today.

Survive Outside With These 11 Must Know Wilderness Skills

In a world of iPhones and Chipotle, we lost touch with our primitive self. To help us get back in the outdoors, here’s a list of must-know outdoor survival skills to develop.

1. Identifying Edible Plants

Have you ever come across a plant that looked nutritious and healthy?

You see how healthy it looks and think “this can’t possibly be bad for you”.

Well, eating a seemingly innocent looking plant may not be the best option. It’s usually the more attractive, colorful, and vibrant organisms that are the most poisonous to people.

Popular Science has a guide on how to identify plants you can eat.

2. Send A Survival Signal That Works

Any Joe Shmoe can send a “signal” to try and alert anyone passing or nearby that you need help.

But there’s a difference between a signal that works and one that just gives you false hope.

Here’s how to properly send a smoke signal to survive.

3. Finding A Clean Drinkable Water Source

Finding water is one thing, but are you able to actually drink it?

If you can’t find a water source that’s drinkable. You can make the water drinkable.

4. Start a Fire With A Knife

Hopefully, you at least have your knife with you. Sometimes it is the only resource you have. See how you can spark a fire with just a knife here.

5. Tie A Bowline Knot

One of the essential survival knots you’ll learn to tie. The bowline is in the bread and butter of the handful of knots we use the majority of the time.

Click here for the full post on how to tie it perfectly.

6. Collect Water With A Transportation Bag

You just found a clean water source that you’re able to drink from after searching for hours. But you don’t have anything to collect the water with.

Let’s not let that happen, it’s not fun. Hopefully, you’ll have a bag of sorts that will work with water transportation. Go here for the full instructions.

7. Use a Split-tip Gig For Catching Critters

Food is a scarce thing when in the outdoors. Unless you’re camping and you brought way too much food for the cookout like I do.

Sometimes you may only be able to eat critters and insects. You can use a split-tip for catching them.

8. Navigate In The Day Time

Navigation is a must know survival skill for moving through the wilderness.

If you can’t navigate, you’re destined to get lost quickly and permanently. Luckily there are ways to navigate without any fancy tools or equipment.

9. Navigate When The Sun Goes Down

how to navigate at night

Navigating in the clear day time is one thing, but how are your navigation skills after the sun goes down?

You may think being able to navigate by day automatically means you’ll be able to navigate when the sun goes down just as easily. No reason to panic right?

Not exactly. It’s a different beast when you have to find your way while the moonlight shines down.

10. Build Your Own Survival Shelter

Having shelter over your head is arguably the most important factor for your survival. Depending on your location and the environment you’re in. You’ll most likely need a shelter. Even if it’s just temporary, you’ll want one.

There are different kinds of shelters you can make outside. You can go to to see how to make a simple DIY shelter in the wild here.

11. How to Build a Campfire

Last but not least, being able to produce your own heat for warmth and cooking is as natural as it gets. There are many ways to build your own fire and many different types you can make in the outdoors with very few materials.

We talked about making a fire with just a battery above you can go back to if you want to see how that is done.

See how you can make a fire here.


Those are the primary 15 skills that you would need to survive in the outdoors.

Mastering all of them isn’t mandatory, but this list is a great start to further your abilities.

Do you know any other basic outdoor survival skills that should be in this list? Let us know below.

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11 Must Know Outdoor Survival Skills
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