Ready to take your 4×4 or bug-out vehicle to the next level? Here are 8 must have 4×4 mods that are the first ones you want to invest in for serious off-roaders.

Few things are more fun than looking at your next possible mods for your 4×4. Maybe fishing while thinking about mods for your 4×4 is more fun…

With that being said, I came across a video by Australian 4×4 Adventures, he made a good video talking about eight must-have 4×4 mods that he got for his Toyota Off-Road vehicle.

Bug-Out Guide | Must-Have 4×4 Modifications For Beginners

must have 4x4 mods

Whether or not you’ll “need” these modifications is up for debate. And ultimately up to you if you want to get them. But if you’re into modifying your bug-out vehicle or 4×4, these are the ideal accessories and customizations to invest in first.

Let’s start with the eight-item on the list.  The video is at the end of the post if you want to skip the article.

8) Shovel

A nice durable and rugged shovel is high up on the list close to having a tactical knife. He says it’s almost like having a get out of jail free card. A shovel can get you out of many different situations.

7) On-Board Compressor

Got to have it. Mod or accessory, it’s well worth getting one.

Essentially it’s just one of the things you have to have if you’re actually using your 4×4.

6) Lights

He’s a hunter as well and does a lot of night adventure rides. Like most of us. So lights are a priority

5) Winch

“It’s more of a recovery item”, he says.

Make sure you get the right one for your specific vehicle.

It’s more for advanced or experienced off-roaders as we tend to put ourselves in more serious situations off the grid. So the winch would be the only exception to this list of the absolute essentials for your 4×4. What do you think?

4) Bar Work

This is essential to have for protecting your front. Driving off-road and driving through mountains. You’re bound to hit an animal or two. This thing will make your front bulletproof

3) UHF

Communication is key. Whether your in the outback or the bush. Many reasons you should have one of these or some digital radio. It’s essential for survival off the road.

Without the proper communication gear and you could find yourself in some dangerous scenarios.

2) Suspension

King suspension. It helps a ton with your off-road handling. Nothing rides like the king, he says. It’s huge for safety.

1) Tires

Tires are without a doubt, the most essential for hardcore overlanders. Nothing will get you further than basically anything else you do to your vehicle.

Imagine needing to bug-out when bad tires. That wouldn’t be pretty.

Watch the video about the 8 mods below.


These eight modifications are solid choices for your 4×4 or bug-out vehicle. Or both. Every one of them gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

What do you think of this list of eight mods? Do you have all eight?

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8 Must Have 4×4 Mods
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