You’re out at sea and you’re running low on food. Fishing for it is your only option.

One problem though…

You don’t have any fishing hooks with you.

In this post, we’re going to discover how to make a makeshift hook.

Survival Makeshift Hook For Fishing

There are a few different items we can use that are likely to be available to us when we need them.

Here are possible materials and objects that we can use to craft your hook.

  • Bottle can tab
  • Safety pin
  • Paper clip

This video shows you how to make a fishing hook out of a safety pin.

How to make a fishing hook out of a paperclip

Bottle tab

So again, when you need to fish and ran out of fishing hooks, try to find one of these items and make your own makeshift hook.

Happy hunting.

Have you ever made a makeshift hook before?

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Survival Fishing: DIY Makeshift Hook
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