Need to secure a line to a pole?

In this post, we cover how to tie a two half hitches knot.

Have you ever needed to know how to tie a two half hitches knot to secure a tarp? Well this is the knot to do it. Here’s how you tie it.

What it’s good for?

Using Two Half Hitches to tie rope with is good for a few different uses.

When you need to secure a line around a pole-like object, this is the knot to use.

The two half hitch knot is commonly used when setting up a camping tent and also by fisherman to secure a line from their boat to the dock. It can be used to secure tarps when building a DIY survival shelter.

Using two hitches to tie the rope with is also good for tying up guy lines. And hanging up hammocks.

And it’s also a simple process to tie it.

  1. Make the first half hitch by wrapping the free end around the standing end.
  2. Wrap the line around the line in the same direction you went for the first hitch to make the second hitch.
  3. Now just pull it tightly and you’ll have a secure two half hitches.

Here’s a step- by-step video tutorial on how you tie the knot, step by step. Watch below.

Have you ever tied this knot for something?

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How To Tie A Two Half Hitches Knot
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