Have you ever heard of the Cassowary?

Cassowary: Worlds Most Dangerous Bird

Have you ever encountered one of these birds? I would hope not and hope you never do.

These birds literally have a dagger attached to their foot…

How To Prepare For An Encounter

Here’s what you need to know.

They have a dagger on their feet. If they swing that at your neck… you see where I’m going. That’s your main point of awareness if you encounter one of these birds.

Cassowary Survival Video

Watch this clip of the deadliest bird.

For more information on the Cassowary, go here.


Now you know what you need to be prepared for and what to do in case you ever run into one of these things. Get away from it as soon and as quickly as possible and avoid them at all costs. If they’re threatened and decide to attack, it could be deadly.

Have you ever seen a Cassowary in person? 

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Meet The Worlds Deadliest Bird (And How To Survive One)
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