You may be thinking “I can just buy waterproof matches”.

This is true.

But they cost you. And what if you need a match to simply toast a marsh mellow? Do you want to blow an expensive match on that? Although a marshmallow might be worth it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to waterproof your own matches so you don’t have to waste money on constantly buying waterproof matches.

Just a couple tricks and you can turn everyday matches that cost a couple of pennies into full-blown waterproof matches. And you only need three supplies.

How To Make Wooden Matches Waterproof In 5 Quick & Easy Steps

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Nail Polish – Get clear nail polish.
  • Waxed Paper – This is for your matches to dry on.
  • Small Bottle – This can be any smaller sized bottle, clear would be ideal.

That’s it. Those three ingredients are all you need.

Why do we want to use nail polish? It’s durable so it will last longer. Also, it doesn’t make the matches awkwardly shaped because of the build-up you get with another match waterproofing method as you do with something like paraffin wax.

Bottle Up

Take your small bottle and fill it with the nail polish.

Dip It

Get your matches and dip each head into the nail polish.

Dry It

After dipping, lay the match down with the head extending off of the ledge, so it’s not touching anything. Let it dry.

Dip It Again

Once nail polish has dried. Grab the head of the match and dip the untouched wooden portion of the match.

Dry It Again

You don’t have to lay the match down on the edge like before, lay the entire match on waxed paper for it to finish dry.

Rinse and repeat for as many waterproof matches you want to make.

What do you think of this method as opposed to one using different material like wax?

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How To Make Waterproof Matches
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