How To Make Water Drinkable

  1. DIY Water Filter
  2. Boil
  3. Distill
  4. Tablets or Drops
  5. Ultra Violet Pens
  6. Water Filter

As we know and hear the survival rule of threes on a regular basis, we know that you and I can survive days, weeks, and even months without certain resources.

But water is not one of those. We can only survive a mere matter of days without our H2O. Making it a top concern if we end up in a scenario where having easy access to drinkable water becomes… not so easy.

Read that last sentence again, drinkable water.

My fellow preppers, we can be stranded in the middle of the Atlantic floating on top of all the water in the world. But if we don’t have a means or method to make that water drinkable to us. We’re finished. Even in the most water-abundant location on Earth.

6 Easy Ways To Make Drinkable Water

This infographic below from Survival-Mastery is a great visual of these methods. Check out how you can make drinkable water through this infographic.

Click Here To Enlarge The Infographic

make water drinkable infographic


Here’s a good rule I go by when it comes to making sure the water I’m about to drink will keep me alive and not do the opposite. When in doubt, purify.

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Learning more than one way to purify your water is important as well. What if you can’t use your only known method of purifying the water?

What if you don’t have all the equipment?

Or are not in the right environment?

Or one of many other potential reasons why you wouldn’t be able to do it.

No need to worry though. Purifying water skills are essential but are also minimal and easier than other categories of survival skills. You can easily master these six ways of getting the job done.


There are other ways to purify water to make it drinkable. But these 6 ways are more than enough in terms of knowing different ways to purify water.

Thanks again for Survival-Mastery for this excellent infographic.

Which method do you use the most?

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