Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

  1. Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing
  2. Cooking Food
  3. Locating Water
  4. Makeshift Skills
  5. Read Sky Signals
  6. Shelter In The Wilderness
  7. Staying Positive

There are 7 abilities and techniques that one should have if they find themselves stranded in the wild. By disaster or by choice.

7 Essential Wilderness Survival Skills

1. Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing

If you need to survive in the wild, you’ll need food.

We can survive up to about three months without food. But I wouldn’t recommend testing the theory yourself.

So learning how to catch your next meal will mean the difference between survival and not.

2. Cooking food

Now that we got something that is able to be cooked and eaten, now we have to be able to make fire and have food to cook.

3. Locating Water

We can only survive 3 days without water.

Which makes it the main thing we want to be able to get on a predictable basis.

4. Makeshift Skills

Making use of what materials you have will make your time much easier.

Being able to make a simple spear or hand tool makes a huge difference when you have nothing.

5. Read Sky Signals

Being able to read sky signals will help you be able to navigate through the wild and make it out in one piece.

6. Shelter In The Wilderness

We have two options in the wild.

  1. Find Shelter
  2. Build Shelter

But either way, we need it. Could you make your own DIY shelter is you had to?

7. Staying Positive

One of the hardest things to do in a wilderness survival situation is keeping your spirits up. Clinging to any shred of hope that you can muster is essential.

Most people that tragically don’t make it out of the wild after a disaster is because all hope was lost. If you internally and mentally give up. ALl the skills and knowledge in the world can’t help.


With these skills, you should be able to survive on your own in the forest. Many love to live out in the wild for periods of time and of course, there is always camping.

Do you think there is a more essential wilderness survival skill that isn’t here? Tell us what it is below.

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