Do you still have your landline? Most people don’t. They ditched it a while ago for the thin iPhones. Was that the best idea though?

It’s 2019, do you really need a landline phone?

I’d say yes, you do. And here’s why. Keeping your landline is crucial for preparing for disaster scenarios. Making sure you’re stocked and equipped with the right supplies and resources when preparing for disaster and emergencies is a big part of actually being prepared when SHTF.

If mobile service goes out, what are you going to do to reach out for help and stay in contact with your friends and family? What if you have to live off the grid and need every resource and tool you have access to? That’s what this post is about.

Why You Need A Landline Phone

Here’s why you should consider keeping your home landline or getting it back if you already got rid of it.

Here’s the key statement:

Landlines tend to stay functioning if mobile serve goes out.

Landlines tend to stay functioning if mobile serve goes out. Click to Tweet

When the grid goes down. When SHTF and mobile service becomes inaccessible, you can’t depend on your mobile phone.

Your smartphone won’t be able to outsmart an EMP attack.

Landline Recommendations

Now if you primarily got rid of your landline to save money, having a landline doesn’t have to be expensive.

In case you don’t have a landline, here are some recommendations.


Vonage starts off at 9.99 a month.

Or if you already have a plan with ATT or Verizon, call them and ask about bundling the services.

Some people actually end up saving more with the bundle of 3 services than paying for two services separately.


This is another option you can look at. Centurylink has been around a while and is one of the leaders in home landline services.

You can get more information here.


So do you still need a landline phone?

We think it’s a good idea to keep it. With the prices being so low and very affordable, that one time having a home phone that allows you to remain in contact and make calls during a crisis is more than justifiable.

Keeping a landline could end up being a lifesaver and one of the most crucial survival resources you could have.

So next time you ask yourself “Do I still need a landline phone?” Think about how beneficial it will be when the mobile service goes out.

Do you still have your landline?

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