Don’t want to bring a separate cup for coffee with you?

Or worse, you forget to pack yours.

There’s always a way to drink coffee. Always.

In this post, we cover how you can make a coffee cup.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing. A man has to have his coffee. I know I do. Carrying a mug just for coffee is worth it in most cases. But if you don’t want to pack a separate mug just for coffee. This post is for you.

DIY Camping Coffee Cup

You may want to pack light for your camping trip or backpacking adventure.  Or the SHTF and you had to bug-out without a coffee cup. You still need your coffee.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • A Tin Can. The tin cans from beans or from canned vegetables are typically what’s used. Nothing special
  • Snips. You’ll need to cut the tin. So snips would be ideal. If you have a burly knife, that works too.
  • Hammer. Any hammer will do or any other object that can do a similar function.

This process is simple and only has a few actual steps.

Step 1: Empty and Wash the Tin Can

Assuming you’ve eaten the food inside the tin can. Empty the tin can and wash it thoroughly.

Step 2: Cut a Strip for the handle of your camping mug

Now you want to cut a thin strip of the metal. Cut around the can’s circumference. Not much, about 2-4 inches down depending on the size of your tin cup. Leave a vertical strip of tin about 1 inch wide.

Step 3: Protect The Edges

Now tap small folds over the edges. Make the edges as smooth as you can so you don’t slide and dice your lips and mouth. Coffee is amazing but it’s not worth that.

Step 4: Adjust Your Handle

The vertical strip you cut before, now bend it down into the handle for the mug. Adjust it as you wish of course. I like mine to have more of a hook to it.

Step 5: Pour Your Cup of Joe

Sip, relax, and enjoy. And yes, it will taste that much sweeter drinking from a tin mug you just carved yourself.


Try it out, let us know how it worked for you.

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How To Make a Camp Coffee Cup in 5 Easy Steps
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