If you’re looking for how to make a sawbuck at home, stick around. In this post, we cover how you can make a DIY sawbuck.

Fun Fact: You may have heard of a sawbuck being called a 10 dollar bill. That’s because of the X-shaped end pieces that look like the Roman numeral of a 10.

What is a sawbuck?

A sawbuck is just a framework for holding wood. Typically the framework is used for holding pieces of wood in place so it can be cut safely. Hence the term, sawbuck.

DIY Sawbuck Tutorial

This project will take about 1-2 hours and you can make it for less than $20.

From the tutorial below, these are the measurements you’ll need.

  • 10 pieces of 4 ft lumber boards
  • Three 5 inch 5/16 bolts
  • 5/16 washers – 5/16 nuts
  • 3½ inch outdoor screws
  • Measure 29 inches from the long end of the diagonal edge
  • Drill 5/16 inch hole in the middle of the 29-inch marks
  • Measure 28.5 inches from the long end of the diagonal edge

Here’s the step by step video showing you how to do it.

DIY Folding Sawbuck

If you want to make a different version of a sawbuck, try the folding sawbuck.

Here’s the tutorial on how to make it.


As far as DIY projects go, this isn’t one of the easiest and quickest ones, but it is one that will yield more results than others.

Having your own sawbuck will allow you to be able to perform many different tasks.

Have you ever build your own sawbuck?

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how to make diy sawbuck

Homemade Projects: DIY Sawbuck
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