DIY Fire Starter Kit

Estimated Time To Complete: 10 Minutes

Supplies Needed:

  • A Container
  • Heat Source
  • Ignition Source
  • Fuel

Knowing how to make a fire anywhere at any time is essential for any prepper and survivalist. It’s arguably the first wilderness survival skill to learn and perfect.

This is the skill that separates the men from the boys. Being able to start a fire while your camping, hunting, or stranded in the wilderness can make or break you.

The good news is, making a fire kit is simple and easy. And you most likely already have the supplies you need around the house to make a simple fire kit.

There are many types of fire kits, we’re going to stick with what works and what is simple. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

DIY Emergency Fire Starter Kit

Making this kit is very simple. We only need four resources for this kit. And you’ll be able to start a fire anywhere anytime.

We need a heat and ignition source, fuel, and a container for all of it.

Prepper Tip: You may want to have more than one of the sources. If one fails and you don’t have a backup, it won’t work.

Heat and Ignition Source

For your fire making source, it could be as simple as a box of matches. You could also make waterproof matches as well.

Carrying more than one source is ideal. You could pack

  • matches
  • a lighter
  • spark rod
  • tinder

Those are some suggestions and what we usually have in our DIY fire kit.


For your fuel sources. Here are some recommendations.

  • dryer lint
  • cotton balls (these could be coated with a few different things, or even make cotton fireballs with)
  • candles

A popular method is to coat the cotton balls with petroleum jelly. They make firestarters that last longer than most other firestarters.


You won’t have a fire kit at all if the supplies inside of it get damaged or worse, fall out because of a cheap container that broke.

We want to contain our supplies in a small and compact case so it’s easily carried and transported.

We also want it to be airtight so nothing will get inside the container that could potentially damage the materials.

Something like this waterproof case would work.

pelican case for fiy fire kit


That’s it. Try it out so you’re prepared to use the fire kit next time you need to make a fire.

Again, this is a basic project on how to make a fire kit. You’ll be able to make one in a short amount of time.

Having one of these is useful when you neat a heat source for warmth in the Winter or making a fire to cook the wild boar you just hunted.

Did you find this tutorial helpful? Let us know what other DIY tutorials you want in the comments below.

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DIY Fire Starter Kit
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