What’s your disaster preparedness plan?

Knowing how to prepare for natural disasters is one of the more important mountains to climb as a prepper.

Disasters and emergencies happen and they happen every day nearly anywhere. If you live in part of the country where tornadoes are more frequent or there are more than a fair share of earthquakes that occur, being prepped and ready will make everything around you survive more effectively.

This is the ultimate guide on how to prep and survive nearly any disaster out there. Let’s keep you and our families as safe as possible.

How To Prepare And Survive For Any Natural Disaster

If someone asked you, “are you prepared for the next earthquake?” What would you say?

Would you be able to confidently say, “Yes, I am prepared”? If not, or you want to be able to prepare more thoroughly, this guide is for you.

Should you fully prepare for all of these disasters at the same time, every day, forever? No.

But you should take a look at them and see which ones are likely to happen to you based on a few different factors.

Types Of Disasters

There are primarily two types of disasters. Natural and man-made.

Natural Disasters

These are disasters that are naturally occurring on the planet. They occur due to changes in temperature. The location.

Man Made Disasters

These are disasters that are, as the name suggests, caused by the act of man. People causing a disaster to occur.  Most of the time it is by complete accident.

These disasters include:

  • Explosions
  • Major Fires
  • Shipping and railway accidents

Factors to Consider

There are a few factors to consider and be aware of when you’re preparing for natural disasters.

Your Location

This is a big one.

If you live in Florida. It’s a good idea to prepare for hurricanes. Based on history, we know that hurricanes occur in Florida. So we can safely say that there will be another hurricane to hit Florida.

Current Events

Preparing to be in a public brawl not to be taken lightly. God forbid you suddenly find yourself in between violence, you’ll want to have protection with you while you attempt to escape as quickly as you can.

Complete Disaster Preparedness Guides

prepare and survive any disaster

Below are resources for full in-depth preparedness guides for every natural disaster.

How To Prepare For Earthquakes

Some geographical areas are more prone to earthquakes than others. If earthquakes are common in your area, it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about them. How they work, what causes them, the best ways to prepare for them, etc.

This video below shows you how to survive an Earthquake.

How To Prepare For A Volcano

how to prepare for a volcano eruption

Do you live in a neighborhood at the bottom of a Volcano? Even though the odds of it erupting are something like “it’s likely to erupt again within the next 1000 years”. Even though they seem like slim odds. If the mountain blows, you’ll wish you had prepared because it will become one hell of a fight for survival.

Movies like Dantes Peak do a good job at showing you just how devasting this natural disaster can cause. The repercussions of an eruption. How far the damage goes. What happens during and after. It puts a dent in the Earth, to say the least.

See the full guide on how to survive a volcanic eruption here.

How To Prepare For A Tsunami

Tsunamis aren’t an everyday occurrence, but when one is heading towards your direction. It’s one of the few events that you don’t want to be surprised when seeing it…

Ready.gov has a good guide on how to survive a Tsunami here.

How To Prepare For An Avalanche

if you’ve seen any movies on mountain climbing lie Vertical limit, you know that an avalanche is the worst nightmare for the climbers.

Watch this video on how to survive an Avalanche here.

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

Hurricanes will leave your neighborhood powerless and messy. Strong winds reach the area and are sustained throughout the duration of the storm.

So if the storm is moving slowly when it hits land. You would be experiencing 80MPH winds in one area that could last for hours. Which over time, does more and more damage.

See the full guide on how to prepare for a Hurricane here.

Also, this video is a full guide on how to prepare and survive. It’s a long video, but there are many things to do before a hurricane strikes that you need to prepare for.

How To Prepare For A Sinkhole

When it comes down to sinkhole survival tips, the key is to know the signs of a sinkhole so you can spot it way before coming close to falling in.

To best prepare and survive falling into a sinkhole is to spot them before you ever have a chance to fall in. Watch this video to learn how to spot a sinkhole.

CNN made an interesting video on the inside of a sinkhole. There is a lot to learn from this video. The more you know, the better you’re going to be able to prepare yourself.

How To Prepare For A Flood

Massive amounts of rainfall or a  hurricane are likely to cause some flooding. In serious cases, usually, a powerful hurricane can leave an area with multiple feet of water.

Go to the full guide on how to prepare for a Flood here.

Also, this video has 3 crucial tips for surviving a flood. Watch it below.

How To Prepare For A Train Wreck Crash

The best way to survive a train wreck crash is to know exactly what to do before the crash that will ensure your best possible chances of survival and minimizing potential injuries when the crash occurs.

See the full guide on how to prepare for a train wreck crash here.

How To Prepare For A Wildfire

Wildfires are terrible disasters that affect the land and environment more so than most other disasters. The fires that happen in California cause massive damage.

See the full guide on how to prepare and survive a Wildfire here.

How To Prepare For A Tornado

Tornadoes are so strong, they can throw a plastic straw through a steel truck.

See the full guide on how to prepare for a Tornado here.

How To Prepare For A Landslide

Having a landslide fall on to your vehicle while driving on top of a mountain will do a bit more than your morning coffee would.

See the full guide on how to prepare for a Landslide here.

How To Prepare For An EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse)

how to prepare for an emp attack

Have you ever experienced an EMP? You don’t hear about them as much as you do hurricanes or earthquakes.

But when they happen, they can cause a huge problem for those affected.

5 things you must do to prepare for an EMP.

This video by VikingPreparedness below does a good job explaining how to prepare for an EMP attack.


We hope these guides have helped you. A large part of our mission here is to help citizens prepare for disasters and survive for the long term.

Have you experienced a natural disaster than you weren’t 100% prepared for? What did you do? Let us know below.

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