Survival Skills

It comes down to the skills you have, at the end of the day. What prepping and survival skills do you have? How well can you implement those skills? Get more skilled, acquire more skills here.

Let's face it. Rednecks know how to fish. They get the job done. Regardless of how strange or unique their methods are. Discover one of the dozens of ways to catch your next meal.
Have you ever fallen from high grounds? There are ways to prepare to fall safely so you don't get anywhere near as much damage to yourself. Here are ways to best prepare.
Here are 14 simple survival hacks you can use with everyday household items. A couple of them you wouldn't expect...
What if you don't have ANY food at all when SHTF? In an emergency, you might not have food to keep you alive, ready, and prepped for survival. So what do you do?