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It comes down to the skills you have, at the end of the day. What prepping and survival skills do you have? How well can you implement those skills? Get more skilled, acquire more skills here.

Today more than ever, we need to learn and develop urban survival skills. With all the disasters and tragedies caused by the hand of man, these skills are more important than ever. Here is the ultimate list of skills to learn for long-term survival.
Being a prepper, it can be difficult to find prepper communities and survival groups. So we made this Survivalist groups web directory to point you in the right direction.
Looking for the best survival canteen in 2019? We do our best to stay updated on current gear and gadget advances and features that do a better job of keeping us alive. For something so important like water is for...
Have you ever fallen from high grounds? There are ways to prepare to fall safely so you don't get anywhere near as much damage to yourself. Here are ways to best prepare.
There are deadly berries that could kill you, even though they look exactly like blueberries. Here's how to spot them.