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Gear, tools, and supplies are imperative for survivalists and preppers. We’re people, we build things. We learned that by using tools, we can build bigger and better things easier and faster. They simply allow us to be more self-sufficient. They can be essential for survival and preparedness. Yes most of the time, if you don’t have any supplies. You’ll most likely be fine. But you’re risking yourself and who you’re with by venturing out without any supplies at all. In the middle of an emergency when having the right gear and supplies is the difference between life and death is the absolute worst time to start looking for gear. Get prepared first. Gear is one of the most valuable components of your survival plan. Prepper Pride covers the latest and greatest survival items that can keep you alive when SHTF. We’ll cover the essential survival and prepping gear that we think will be worth keeping in your bug-out bag, as well as the newest innovations in the marketplace.