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Being prepared for any emergency, disaster, or even doomsday is a must for long-term survival. Here’s all the information you need for prepping.

Long term food storage is crucial for your preparation plan. Having a decent amount of food, gear, and supplies stored away for when SHTF is one of the first preps to get done. Why Food Packaging Is Important The importance of...
Today more than ever, we need to learn and develop urban survival skills. With all the disasters and tragedies caused by the hand of man, these skills are more important than ever. Here is the ultimate list of skills to learn for long-term survival.
Get the full details on exactly what a prepper is, who they are and what they believe here.
Best Survival Magazines Prepper Survival Guide American Survival Guide Survivors Edge Recoil The Backwoodsman Ballistic Field & Stream OFFGRID Mother Earth News The New Pioneer So many magazines, which ones should you bother reading? There are dozens of different magazines to pick from. If you're going to be reading and...
The survival rule of threes is crucial to learn for survival and preparedness. You can only survive 3 seconds, 3 minutes, 3 days, and 3 weeks without these things.