How are your bowhunting skills?

Bowhunting is one of the most primitive activities man could do. The thrill of going out in the wild and hunting wild animals to eat for dinner.

There’s nothing like it.

If you’re a bowhunter like me and find waiting patiently to spot an 800lb grizzly bear on a brisk Saturday morning relaxing… then stay tuned.

Importance of Bowhunting

Learning to aim and shoot an arrow with a bow at a wild animal could mean the difference between you’re survival and not.
If you’re stranded in the wilderness or have to bug-out to the wild, you’ll need food. Fishing, hunting, and foraging are your three options for acquiring food in the near future.
Bowhunting is an important skill to have in this situation so you can hunt wild game and get some calorie dense foods to survive. Furthermore, you can make a DIY primitive bow in the wild.
It’s one of the few weapons you’re able to make in the wild with limited resources. But a bow you can make. The arrows you can make. You’ll have a long-range weapon for food production and for self-defense.

Is Bow Hunting Hard To Learn

One of the common questions I see get asked a lot by people entertaining the thought of becoming a bow hunter is,

How hard is bow hunting?

Well, yes and no, It can be hard or it can be easy. If you practice every day with your bow. If you improve your hunting skills every day. If you work on your technique. If you learn every day, get advice and feedback every day.

Then it won’t be very “hard” for you. Will it be hard at first? Like anything, yes it will be.

If you’re already a hunter and just new to bow hunting, then it will be a smooth transition for you.

Bow Hunting Supplies

Many beginners are so excited to start hunting with their fresh new shiny compound bows that they’re going to go pick up at the hunting store, that they buy every accessory and bow hunting piece of gear in the place. And end up spending way too much for a first timer.

You don’t need all that much gear to start. Start cheap and start fast.

Work your way up to get different pieces of gear and fancy bow accessories. You can start out with just the basics for bow hunting.

Ultimate BowHunting Guide For Survival: Over 70 Essential Skills, Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Okay, enough hunting basics and introductions. Let’s get into the list of tricks.

Bowhunting is an essential skill to develop, especially if you plan on being able to survive off the grid.

And if there is ever a zombie apocalypse… you’ll get to shoot zombies through their heads with a bow and arrow like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead.

1. Identify Bow Types

Start learning the different type of bows. Go here for a guide explaining the different kinds of bows.

2. Learn About Bow Slings

3. Use A Traditional Longbow

Using a traditional longbow is one of the best ways to learn. Thanks to the Hunger Games, opting for a traditional longbow has become more popular.

4. Diy Badass Broadheads

5. How To Set A Trap

Once you’re a hunter, you’re a trapper. Trapping is like the butter on toast. You can’t have one without the other.

Watch this video on how to set a basic trap.

6. Make a DIY Survival Arrow

7. Get Gear For Bow Fishing

You’re sharpening your archery, precision, and bow skills. Take those same skills and apply them where you have less oxygen.  Try bow fishing.

Here are 8 essential pieces that Field and Stream recommend.

8. How to use a single pin slider

9. How to tie a d loop

10. Prune an apple tree for Deer

11. How to attach a capture rest

12. Make your own scent dripper

13. Pack String Wax In Your Hunting Bag

Wax for your bow strings is important. You always want to have some with you for when you need it.

I keep this wax in my bag.

14. How to shoot a fixed multi-pin sight

15. Bring Your IPA Survival Kit

IPA Survival Kit
Original Photo of IPA Survival Kit By Prepper Pride


16. Get A Handle On Things

Have you ever tried shooting with a loose grip? I didn’t either for a long time.

Bow field tests have proved that having a loose grip on your bow, works better than having a firm grip. It goes against what most bowhunters think. But the facts don’t lie.

17. How To Hold Binoculars Steady

It might seem like it’s as simple as “just hold them steady”. But it’s not.

Shaky binoculars is a common problem amongst hunters. So here are different ways you can hold your binoculars steady.

18. Make Hunting Shooting Sticks

19. How to Install a peep sight

20. Aim with both eyes

Closing one of your eyes while aiming cuts your accuracy results dramatically. Learning to aim while keeping both of your eyes open is important.

21. Should you buy used or new

22. Master the heart shot

23. How to use a stabilizer

24. Steer Deer With 5 lb Buckets

25. How to buy a new compound bow

Like any piece of gear you buy. You want to do your homework before buying. You want to get a newer compound because the improvements in them over the past couple of decades has skyrocketed.

This video explains the things to look for when considering a new bow.

26. Navigate Properly With Binoculars

27. Attach A Grunt Call To Your Coat

This allows you to easily call deer with very minimal movement. Get a grunt call and stick it to your jacket. You can use velcro strips to attach to the top of your jackets. Then glue a patch to a grunt call. You’ll be able to just slightly turn your head to put the call into your mouth. Now you’ll have both hands free for handling your bow.

28. Learn your bow cams

29. Get A Coach

There are certain things you want to look for in a coach to really benefit from having one. But getting feedback and advice will drastically accelerate your progress and abilities out in the field.

30. How To Shoot A Recurve Bow

The recurve has been in existence for just shorter than forever. Similar to the longbow. It makes a killer bow bear hunting seasons.

31. Small Time Game

If you want to have a little fun, make a DIY blowgun for small game hunting.

32. Earn Your Rifleman’s Merrit Badge

See the full requirements and details at

33. Build A DIY Target stand

Build your own DIY target stand so you don’t have to spend money replacing stands to practice.

See how to make it here.

34. How To Tie A Getaway Knot

Just like fishing knots and survival knots, there are also hunting knots. These knots are most useful for hunters to learn. The getaway knot allows you to tie up your own mount for your horse.

Here’s how to tie it.

35. Make A Field Plan

As a bow hunter, having an established and well thought out field guide is essential. As always preparation starts first. Establish a plan for the field when you get out there in the field.

36. It’s Not About The Bow

He explains that it’s not about the bow.

[easy-tweet tweet=”It’s not about the bow” user=”thesurvivaljournl” template=”qlite

37. Learn And Tune Your Cams

38. How to bait a bear

39. How To Plant a Micro Food Plot

You can make a DIY micro food splot with no equipment. Here’s how.

40. How To Make a Buck Bed

This tutorial teaches you how to make buck beds

41. Read Your Arrows The Right Way

42. Master the ground blind shot


43. How to make the ultimate arrow

44. Get A Sharper Deal

Walking in the first store you hear of and paying full retail is one option. Or… you could save a little.

Here’s a guide on how to get the best bang for your buck on a compound bow.

45. Customize Your Bow Sight

Similar to an instrument of a professional musician. You want to fine tune your bow. Make it yours. Make it sharper. Make it deadlier. Make it unique. Make it impossible to miss.

46. How to make a 100-yard shot

Speaking of making it impossible to miss. This video on how to make a 100-yard shot is a must watch.

47. How to tune the verticle

48. Make Your Turkey Call Striker Bulletproof

Do you cap your turkey call strikers with anything to protect them? Caps from ink pens work well for doing this.

49. Easily sharpen your arrowheads

50. Make a DIY Survival Bow

51. How To Optimize Your Arrows

What if you took an already razor-sharp arrow and made it 2x better?

This video shows you a pro tip for your arrows.

52. Make A Lineman’s Belt

53. Choose The Right Arrows

It might seem simple. An arrow is an arrow. But it’s not that simple.

Watch this video on what arrows to chose and why.

54. Make The Ultimate Bow Arrow

55. Quickly and Easily Clean Your Knife

If you have a hunting or survival knife, chances are it’s a fixed blade knife. Fixed blades are easy to clean. Just apply a small amount of honing oil on the blade and wipe it with a cloth.

You can grab some honing oil here.

56. Use Superglue

Your servings will wear with use over time. When they start to wear, they will become loose which will cause your sights and serving threads to fly in the wind. Use superglue when they start to wear on you.

57. How to shoot a bird with a bow

58. How to get draw length right

This guide from Hunters Friend explains everything you need to know on drawing your length correctly.

59. Sharpen Your Survival Knife

Keep your knife nice and sharp.

60. Decoy a pronghorn antelope

61. Use confidence decoys to arrow a deer

62. Make homebrew deer scents

This guide from Outdoor Life covers how to make a homemade deer scent.

63. Make a DIY Drag Rag

64. Make a DIY arrow case

65. How To Test A Bow

This video from Outdoor Life shows you how to test your bow the right way.

66. How to prepare for hunting season

67. Build A Cheap DIY Bow

Making your own bow first before you invest in a professional bow is a good idea.

You can make one from an old bike tire.

68. Kill a Wild Boar With Just A Knife

In case you don’t have your bow with you, always have your knife with you and know how to use it.

Watch this video on a blazingly fast boar kill with a knife.

69. Increase Your Bow Accuracy

Do you have to hit the bullseye every time? No, but it never hurts when you make a perfect shot.

70. Clean and Cook A Squirrel


To wrap it up, these skills are tried and true for bow hunters.

Bowhunting is one of the most primitive activities you can do. And chose wisely when it comes to who you go hunting with. Going hunting with someone is either going to be heaven or hell. Best friends or worst enemies.

What do you think we should add to the ultimate bowhunting skills list?

What has been the most important lesson you learned that helped your bow hunting skills? Tell us below in the comments.

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