Alive After The Fall Book Review: by Alexander Cain

alive after the fall review

Are you looking for more information on Alive After the Fall book by Alexander Cain? This is the second edition from the first version of the book.

Alive after the fall is one of the most exciting books that has been released in recent years. It goes over some of the most important things you need to be aware of that are going on in the current events.

The countries most important president did something historical on 6 December this year. It was one of the most important events that have happened since 2000 years ago.

alive after the fall 2 review
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He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This means that he accidentally fulfilled his role in one of the longest-running biblical prophecies ever to be held.

Now that this has come to pass, there are other things that you need to keep an eye out for as well. Many of these things will happen very quickly, and if you are not aware of them, it will be easy for you to miss out on them.

Basic Premise Of The Book

For most of history the people who truly knew the facts about biblical prophecy were laughed at. Five different major events will be happening shortly that will let you know how close we are to the end of the below poverty.

At the end of all of these events, there is an event that could lead as many as 300 million Americans without their lives. If you are reading this right now then you are that one of the lucky ones because you have the time to prepare by reading a book like this.

Many of the prophecies that have been detailed in the book has already occurred. For example, 1 of the prophecies was told in the book of Ezekiel in the 37th chapter. This passage was written almost 3000 years ago.

The passage describes that the nation of Israel will be born on the year of 1947. It would be created as a symbol to help repair the past that damaged the Jewish people so much.

Today this is one of the most important events that has come to pass since Pres. Trump initially recognized Israel as having Jerusalem as its capital; this is one of the most important things to happen to the entire world because it means that the local prophecy is now coming to pass.

Biblical Prophecy Will Come To Pass

There is a civil war that will happen between the Syrian people, and it was first foretold in the book of Isaiah and Jeremiah. In these books, the two were heard discussing that they will be in the middle of a fight that occurs on Damascus’s site.

Damascus would no longer continue to be a city but rather become a site where nothing but trouble is. These passages were first written almost 5000 years ago when Syria was one of the world’s largest and most powerful countries.

It may not have happened as quickly as people may have thought originally, but now there has been a civil war that began in 2011, which has left the former city of Damascus in ruins.

This means that the second of the different prophecies have already come to pass, and we are already beginning to see signs that the third one will pass sooner or later.

The third biblical prophecy is that the Russian people will be moving to the border of Israel. The Russian people come from the land of Persia. As the time draws near for the time of all of the middle prophecies to be fully completed, there will be a movement of people from the lands of Magog.

This is the site that would, later on, become the place we call Russia today. There are already movements of troops that have begun to move people from these interiors of the country to the borders in the direction of Israel.

This is too early to tell if it is exactly what is come to pass, but it does look rather ominous.

It is deftly something that you need to be keeping, and I out to see if things will continue to happen the way they have been so far.

The fourth major prophecy was the creation of a military alliance that involved the country Russia. There is an alliance that is quickly forming between the fighters of Russia and the fighters of Iran.

This is one of the most strategic alliances in the area since the time of the Persian Empire. Both Egypt and Libya have recently become more and more friendly to the Russian government, and it does look like it could quickly become one of the next signs to pass from the billable prophecy.

It is deftly an area of the world that needs attention, and you should be keeping your eye on it if you want to keep in the loop. It is very easy for you to miss out on things if you are not paying attention and you do not look at all of the happenings that occur each day.

The final prophecy is the last one that has not yet come to pass and it does not bear mentioning that we believe it will happen very soon. As soon as Damascus’s hole in the wall has been completed, it will be time for there to be another major event that will lead to the world’s most let the Civil War.

There has been much speculation as to who exactly the person that this passage is speaking about will be. Some people believe that this person is already on earth. The most likely person that this passage refers to is the person that we know as Assad. As soon as this person is completely finished, it will likely lead to one of the darkest time periods in the entire planet’s history.

It is one of the most horrifying things that could come to pass, but it does bear to mention that you need to pay attention to it to see if you will be ready and to make sure that you stay prepared.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alive After The Fall?

Alive After The Fall is a book about secrets that Alexander found when studying primitive ancient texts. He reveals all the secrets no one knows in this book.

Who wrote Alive After The Fall?

Alexander Cain write Alive After The Fall. He watched many documentaries and consulted with dozens of survival specialists over many years for guidance.

Is Alive After The Fall a scam?

No it's not at all. It's a valuable book on very important information that most people ignore and sweep under the rug.



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Alive after the fall is one of the most exciting books that has been released in recent years. It goes over some of the most important things you need to be aware of that are going on in the current events.